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Q: How much money does Robert redford give democrats?
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Do Democrats cause more budget deficits than Republicans?

yes, because they give money from the greedy old people (GOP) and give it to the poor, instead of just keeping money all for themselves.

What name did the Democrats give Southerners who became Republicans?


Who controlled the house and senate during the Obama years?

The first half was controlled completely by democrats. The second half controlled by the republicans in the house, and democrats in the senate which would give democrats the majority

Is there a dime's worth a difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Yep, Democrats want to give the dime away, and the Republicans want the people to earn it.

Would you say give Robert or me a call or say give me or Robert a call?


What do you do if someone says give me your money?

Give them your money?

What is Ted's birthplace address more specific than Redford MI?

If you are asking about Ted Nugent, it is not our custom to give street addresses for celebrities. We can tell you that Redford is part of greater Detroit; so, it may be possible to contact the Redford Township Public Library and ask if they would look at a 1948 or 1949 City Directory, which would list the street where he was born.

When do they give money for the poor?

You can give money to the poor whenever.

How many money give to the recorders?

Give me money and I'll record the answer.

What is it that you must give before you can keep it?

you must give money before you can get money

Do Christians give money to charity?

Yes there are Christians who give money to charity.

Is it fair to bet money and not give it?

no because you bet money but then you don't give you have to give you made a deal.

How can I get the password for the EA Harry Potter Game?

give ea money and they will give you the password. give ea money and they will give you the password.

How to ask for money?

Give me money NOW!!!

What is Robert Pattinson's phonenumber?

Robert pattinson i don't no his number but ween i get it i will give it to u

What charity did Chris Mccandless give all his money to?

give his money in the people who are poor

Who has money to give?

sirs the riches /awfuls/pawrfuls can give money to poors by their generosity

Does Big Bad Bill the moshling give you money?

No. Moshlings do not give you money or Rox.

What is lending of money?

it is when you give someone money, then you have to give back what you have borrowed. does that make sense?

Does Katy Perry give money to charity?

Yes.However she does not give money to al charities.

What have been the effects of the Democrats proportional representation rule?

It lets states give up the popular selection of delegates.

How do you use give in a sentence?

Give me all your money. (imperative, understood second person (you)) (You) give me all your money. Also, They give money to the poor. (declarative, 3rd person plural conjugation) We give money to the poor. (declarative, 1st person plural conjugation)

What percentage of Democrats are into global warming?

It is near impossible to give an exact estimate, but the farther "left" you go, the stronger the belief is for "Global Warming". When looking at Liberal Democrats vs Moderate Democrats, Liberals have a very strong belief in Global Warming, while Moderates have a more relaxed belief on the subject.

How do you give money away?

you just ask the person does he want any money and if he says yes then give him it if you want to give it to him only if you want to give it to him

Can a nonprofit give money to a for profit organization?

Can a nonprofit foundation give money to a for profit organization