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some moony They are paid according to rank and experience according to the DoD Pays Grades. You can find them on the internet somewhere, but there are many different grades from the lowly Private to the Four-Star General.
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How much money does Batista get paid?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nHis actual payroll hasn't been mentioned. But I'm guessing in the region of $600,000 - $900,000, Per Annum.

How much do US Marines get paid?

It is a basic scale applied to all the armed forces. It varies based on pay grade and time in service. The answer to this question depends on many variables. You have a lot of "blanks" to fill in. Enlisted paygrades are E-1 thru E-9 Warrant Officer paygrades are W-1 thru W-5 Officer paygrades ar ( Full Answer )

How much money do cosmetologists get paid?

DAnswer it kind of all depends on how many hours you work and where you work. if you work in a small town then it probably wouldn't be a whole lot but if you work in a big city with a lot of customers then you probably will make a whole lot more. since most cosmetologists are there own boss's they ( Full Answer )

How much do lifeguards get paid in money?

Lifeguards can be paid anywhere from minimum wage to rates as high as $23.50 + benefits or more. I personally make $11/hr, but the person who answered this question before me made $23.50.

How much do marine biologist get paid a year?

It depends at first you'll start on $15,000 to $23,000 but if you have lots of good experience this might go up to $30,000, and if you are senior staff such as university professors, etc. you may earn up to $50,000 or more.. a kick in the balls

How much money do firefighters get paid?

According to payscale.com, firefighters in Canada are paid at largely different scales depending on the jurisdiction. The fairly small city of Moncton for example, pays a median wage of $15.17, while firefighters in Canada's largest city, Toronto, have a median wage of $34.38.

How much money do spies get paid?

Government spies (or 'Core Collectors', part of the Clandestine Service) get paid $58,511 - $81,204 (or £37,219.46 - £51,649.69) per year in the trainee program. For more information about trainee program see Related Link below.

How much money do actresses get paid?

Hello, your question was *How much money do actresses get paid? * well the answer is that and actress gets over 1,000,000 per year if you would like more information about how much money an actress gets paid you can go to our website http://www.lifequestionsanswered.com plus there you can find mor ( Full Answer )

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Local singers in Cleveland Ohio on an average get paid.. Wedding Singers.. $ 100 to $ 300 for 4 hrs Bar Singer. ( Rock Band) $ 50 to $ 100 for 4 hrs. also depends on the number of people in the group.. It depends on whether he/she is sucuessful or not... (has a lot of people buying their albums) ( Full Answer )

How much do podiatrist get paid money?

114,000 that is more than real regular kind of doc money. . Yo ASK another question to every one GIVE YOUR ANSWERS later bye.

How much money do actors get paid?

It depends on the Actor, if they're 'A List' or not, it depends on the project, TV or movie project, an indie film or summer blockbuster. An actor or actress can get paid anywhere from scale to 20 million dollars or perhaps even more if they have a back end deal for the particular picture they are ( Full Answer )

How much money do marines corps get paid per month?

It depends on a few tging such as rank, number of dependents, and if you are deployed or not there is a pay chart you can find on the internet that should help you get and idea of how much you could expect to make depending on your rank.

How much do merchant marines get paid?

In the U.S. Merchant Marine, a high paying union containership can expect to see the following rates for a 4-month voyage: Ordinary Seaman/Wiper/Messman: $5,000 per month Able Seaman/Oiler: $8,000 a month Bosun: $9,500 a month 3rd Mate/3rd Asst. Engineer: $15,000 per month 2nd Mate/2nd Asst. Engine ( Full Answer )

How much money does the undertaker get paid?

In 2007 his salary was 1.8 million dollars. I do not know what it is these days. He also gets extras like first class plane tickets, hotels and ground transportation.

How much do snipers in the US Marines get paid?

All US Military pay is determined by rank and the years of service. Military snipers are paid by their rank and pay grade in the military service. To best answer your question, anywhere from $16,800 to $50,000 a year depending on several things. No they don't get paid by kills, and they don't ( Full Answer )

How much money do you get paid weekly?

You are paid your weekly salary weekly, assumingyou are paid weekly. If you are paid biweekly, monthly, or semi-monthly, you may getpaid nothing during some weeks and much more on following weeks.

How much do deployed Marines get paid?

It depends on your rank bro. But the good things is that Marines and other soldiers don't pay taxes while there deployed. So your check goes straight to bank.

How much do marine officers get paid a year?

2nd lieutenant under 2 years is around $2,655/month. Major is around $4,065/month. Major-General $9,000/month. That's gross income, still gotta pay Sammy.

How much money do you get paid for modeling?

That depends on the type of job you get and what kind of modeling you do. Most models make between $150-300 an hour or work off of a flat rate or day rate.. That depends on the type of job you get and what kind of modeling you do. Most models make between $150-300 an hour or work off of a flat rate ( Full Answer )

How much do marine officers get paid?

it depends on ranks and year in service, starting out you can expect to make about 36,000 but with in 6 year you can expect to make up to 50,000-120,000

How much does a Marine get paid a year?

Base pay is determined by time in service (the total years in the USMC) and pay grade (based on rank). The current military pay scale can be found in the link below. Click the link for January 1, 2011 (or later if available).

How much money do youtubers get paid?

It all depends on the success of the video. By success, I mean the number of views - also known as the number of 'hits'. If you know what Google adsense is, then you basically know how being a Youtube partner gets paid, as you just get paid through adsense like normal. As with adsense, you can get p ( Full Answer )

How much do royal marine commandos get paid?

When you first join as a Royal Marine, and during your training,you will be earning £14,349. Below is what you could be earningaccording to your rank. RANK Marine £17,767 to £29,357 Corporal £26,786 to £33,661 Sergeant £30,446 to £37,462 Colour Sergeant / Warrrent Officer 2  ( Full Answer )

How much do enlisted marine reservists get paid?

This is a complex question. They will get paid a portion of the active duty pay depending on how long they work. A normal drill weekend is either 2 days or 2.5 days. For each half day you would receive 1/30 of a months pay. So for a Saturday and Sunday drill weekend, you would get 4 days pay. For a ( Full Answer )

How much does a marine officer get paid?

An officer just entering service will make just over $2,900 permonth. A major general with over 16 years of service will have anincreased pay of over $12,000 per month.

What does a marine biologist do and how much do they get paid?

Research is what most Marine biologists do. In research 10% is doing the research 70% is writing for grants and 20% is teaching at the university where your are employed. Some do consulting for industries that could harm the marine environment. This group is greyer than the former group as they can ( Full Answer )

Neorosurgeon how much money paid?

Alot of money most famous neurosurgeons are millionaires or more depending where they work and how they advertise themselves.

How much money do you get paid at Gamestop?

$250 each week I think that minimum wage at first and then if you get a raise. But really I think that it depends what minimum wage is in your state.

How much money does Obama get paid?

Traditionally, the President is the highest-paid public employee. President Obama currently earns $400,000 per year, along with a $150,000 expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment. The most recent raise in salary was approved by Congress and President Bill ( Full Answer )

How much are Marine Second Lieutenants paid?

That will depend on how long they have been in the service. The link below will take you to a military pay scale chart- a 2Lt is an O-1 on the chart (not an O-1E, that is a 2LT that has 3 or more years enlisted time)

How much money does NASA get paid?

ALOT including the amount that they need anyway to send probes into space and onto other planets, oil costs and building costs costs well over $100,000

How much money do snipers get paid?

Military snipers are paid by their rank and pay grade in the military service. Enlisted ranks make less money than officer ranks, but snipers are usually enlisted members. To best answer your question, anywhere from $16,800 to $50,000 a year depending on several things. No they don't get paid by kil ( Full Answer )

How much does a married US marine get paid?

Pay is based on rank and time of service. There is also a bump in pay for the number of dependents. The housing allowance also will vary. Consult the pay tables to find out what your entitlement is.

How much does a marine get paid a month?

There are many different variables that affect military pay: rank, length of service, being deployed, serving in a combat zone, etc. Here is a link to a table that shows some of this:

How much do you get paid being in the marines?

It depends on your rank (your "pay grade") and how long you've been there. Enlisted can make anywhere from $18-60k per year and Officers significantly more. You get extra pay for being in dangerous conditions like combat, or in a specialty that is in high demand like piloting.

How much money do terrorists get paid?

Terrorists get about 2 or 3 thousand dollars paid to their family. In addition, they are told that they will go straight to heaven. The spiritual aftereffects obviously depend on if they are Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, etc.

How much do marines get paid an hour?

Check the military pay charts. They don't get paid a lot but housing and food is usually provided. All money they make is disposable income unless they live off base, etc

How much does a riflemen in the marines get paid?

Every Marine in the U.S. Marine Corps is a rifleman. Marines are paid according to their rank and time in service. No one is paid by what job they do. Also, pay varies slightly depending on various factors. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (see related link below) has the most up-to-date infor ( Full Answer )

How much money do theachers get paid?

It is the teacher and it all depends on there level of education if it is as a specific subject they teach in like in high school or they teach all kinds of subjects like in primary it also depends on the hours they work . The finance on the school and as to whether it is a academy or from the counc ( Full Answer )