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Q: How much money does a TNA wrestler earn?
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How much does a tna wrestler makes?

alot but WWE makes alot more money TNA superstars make about in the millons

How can you be a tna wrestler?

Become a good wrestler and try and get a tryout.

Who is Samoa Joe?

A former TNA wrestler who is now signed to Wwe on the Monday Night Raw roster

Is Elijah Burke from WWE also the wrestler the pope from tna?

yes...elijah burke from wwe is the wrestler from the pope from TNA.

How much do TNA wrestlers earn yearly?


How much money does jeff jarrett make in tna?

More than you can count. He is not the owner of TNA, TNA so he has earned no money but receive a salary of TNA.

Can you have it were tna can fight their superstars and WWE fight their superstars?

Yes. it's called: Create A can create the TNA Wrestler.

Who is awesome Kong of tna?

A wrestler.

Who is KAZ of TNA?

He is a wrestler who in fortune

Is TNA wrestler sting good?


How do you get into tna wresting?

Become a wrestler

Does WWE own part of tna?

yes wwe does own tna that why every wwe wrestler is going to tna...

How much do tna wrestlers get paid?

TNA wrestlers make a good amount...But obviously not as much as the employee's of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. But, still a fair amount to about 500,000 for guys like Angle or a wrestler who has been around for a while or is a very popular wrestler.

Who is Jeff jarret?

Tna founder and wrestler.

Where is the wrestler called Rhino?

on tna on spike

Who is the greatest tna wrestler?

aj styles

Who is Tommy dreamer?

A wrestler who wrestles for TNA

Who is the best wrestler in tna impact?


Who was the first TNA wrestler?

Jeff jarret

Who is the TNA wrestler suidcide?

Kaz (Kazarian)

Who is tna wrestler gunner?

Chadwick Lail

Is aj styles the best tna wrestler?

It is your opinion wheather or not Aj styles is the best wrestler.

How much money does an independent wrestler make?

Independent wrestlers doesn't make much, only probably around $25-$100 or maybe $300. Sometimes an independent wrestler won't get paid at all. Only the big leagues such as WWE and TNA were someone will make around $200,000-$1,000,000.

Who is Miley Cyrus favorite wrestler in tna?


Where is tna wrestler abyss living at now?


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