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Bus Wage$19-20 an hour

I have an edit on this: in Vancouver BC they make $26.50 + ot after 7.5 hours and double time after 9 hours. 3 weeks vacation plus medical dental etc after each 5 years an extra week of holidays. Pension usually at 55 years with about 25 to 35 years of service for it to be a decent pension. And that's what i know about that.

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How much money does a high school bus driver earn a year?


How much money does a London bus driver earn?

Various factors can influence how much a London bus driver earns. You could expect to earn about £500 - £700 a week.

How much money does a muni bus driver earn in san francisco?

61k a year

How much money does a Georgia school bus driver earn?

about £20 per day

How much money does a school bus driver earn?

i make 23.00 an hour and i work 40 hours a week as a school bus driver in NY

How much money does a bus driver earn per year?

How much money a bus driver earns per year will depend upon the company he works for. It will also depend upon his experience. You can expect to earn at least $20,000 per year if you work full time.

How much does a bus driver earn a year?

About 15,000 a year

How much does a crawley metro bus driver earn?


How much does a bus driver earn in Aberdeen?

Bus drivers offered £20,000 a week

How much does a bus driver in Texas earn?

about 4000 dollars a year

How much earn cdl bus driver in California?

As much as the company decides to pay them.

How much do Edinburgh bus drivers earn?

The average yearly salary for a bus driver in Edinburgh, Indiana is $23,000. The average annual salary for a bus driver in Pontiac, Michigan is $30,000.

How much does a county school bus driver earn?

around £7.00 per hour

How much does a Marta bus driver earn?

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

How much money does a bus driver earn in North Carolina?

Sadly Not Enough, I work at the Golden Crustations Retirment Home as a Bus Driver and my Income is at the minimum 47K/per week. I know How Shabby! Can't believe they can't pay me any more? In a year I will earn at least, 53.9 Million? :( Bus Driving is so POOR.

How much money earn in bus owners?

about 1nips per second

How much does a mega bus driver earn in a week?

Anything up ti £1300 per month

How much does a Massachusetts bay transportation authority bus driver earn?

30.18/hr top rate i know because im a driver

How much does a bus driver earn UK?

In Bristol a Bus Driver can earn about £250 - £500 per month. This depends on hours and If they drive Nightfliers (Bus Drivers that drive through the night on a Friday and Saturday) Daily Monday to Friday they can earn about £8.25 Saturday is about £9.25 and Sunday £10.75 after two years service the pay goes up by .25p.

How much money do Minneapolis school bus driver make?

None dirt poor

How much money does a safety coordinator at a school bus company earn?

$42 K a year

How much money do NJ school bus drivers get paid?

school bus drivers makes $350/weekSources; Im a school bus driver

How much money does a Kentucky school bus driver earn?

I have driven a school bus in Middlesboro over 15 yrs and make 12.89hr working 4 hrs a day. Drivers in Bell County Ky make 13.21hr working 5 hrs a day

How much does a school bus driver make in Las Vegas NV?

How much does school bus driver ear a year in Las Vegas

How do Chinese children get to school?

milk a cow and earn money for a bus