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Median annual earnings of computer support specialists is $40,430 . The middle 50 percent earned between $30,980 and $53,010. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $24,190, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $69,110 .

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Q: How much money does a computer support specialist earn?
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how much money does an computer programming and applications specialist make?

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A cancer specialist earns a median salary of about 200,000 a year.

A Career as a Computer Support Specialist?

Anyone who has called a help desk to get help resolving a problem with their computer most likely spoke to a computer support specialist. The computer support specialist job can be an exciting and fast paced job. It usually consists of helping people resolve problems with their computer. The computer support specialist takes phone calls or emails describing the problem and then work with the customer to help resolve it. The computer support specialist will then try to determine if the problem is caused by a user error, or if there is an issue with the software or hardware of the computer. If the problem is caused by a user error, the computer support specialist will work with the customer to help them understand what caused the problem and how to avoid it in the future. If the issue is with the software or hardware, the computer support specialist will help the user complete steps to fix the issue. A computer support specialist may work internally within organization to help employees use their systems. In this case, they help resolve any issues employees are having with their systems. They may also install new applications or hardware that the organization needs. The computer support specialist must be very knowledgeable about the organizations applications and computer systems. Computer support specialists may also work to help external customers. For example, they may work for a software company answering calls from customers who are experiencing issues. It is even possible for a computer support specialist to travel to the customer in order to help resolve the issue. The average starting salary for this position in the United States is $35,757. This is typically for someone who has just graduated college and beginning on their career. The average salary for a computer support specialist that has been working in the industry for five to nine years is $50,000. There is potential for an employee to earn much more, though, as they get more experience. Most organizations require computer support specialists to have at least some college education, although a degree may not be required. College level classes in math and science are preferred, and experience is valued. The computer support specialist job has a bright outlook going forward. Technology is increasing at a fast rate. Organizations have become very dependent on computers in order to function. Therefore, organizations will need more computer support specialist in order to stay in business in the future.

How much money does an human resources specialist earn?

$47,898 according to

How much money does an engine specialist earn?

They make 141,000 or more a year

How much money does a retina specialist earn?

How much money a retina specialist can earn depends upon their experience, qualifications and the geographical area they are working in. The average annual salary for such a position is around 619,114 US dollars.

How much does computer applications spealist earn?

Many thousands - provided you can spell 'does' and 'specialist' correctly !

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The rate of pay for an education specialist depends on their experience and discipline. Many entry level jobs pay about $40,000.

How do you earn money in If you are a computer or electronics technician?


How much does a computer technician earn on average?

Good money.

How much money does a computer animation earn?

3000€ £250,89 $502,000

How much money does a computer technician earn in the Philippines?

2$ an hour

How much money does a computer programmer earn in a month?

Approximately £30,000 a year

How much money does a computer engineer earn in an hour?

starts with 25 dollars

How much can a computer engineer earn hourly?

The amount of money that a computer engineer earn hourly varies depending on level of experience and where they work among other factors. On average they earn about $45 per hour.

How did Adolf Hiter earn his peoples trust and support?

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Advantages and disadvantages of being a computer operator?

Earn lot more money that a computer tech, no disadvantages as far as i know.

Why did they quit full house?

Probably because they do not earn enough money too support their life

How do people in Antarctica make money?

People who live and work in Antarctica -- temporarily -- earn money working in support of science, or as scientists.

How do I earn money to buy laptops?

There are many ways to earn money to buy laptops. If you have an access to computers, like a desktop, or a friend or relative is willing to lend you one, you can try registering on these get-paid-to sites. You will be able to earn money or gift cards that you can use to purchase a computer.

How much money does a computer programmer generally earn?

The salaries of computer programmers vary greatly. Some may earn $40,000 a year, some may earn up $140,000 a year (this is rare though). The median salary is about $60,000 a year.

How does Singapore earn money from overseas?

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Hi, I have completed my MCA from ignou i m working in proton communication my salary is 8000 i want to earn more pls help me gve me advise. thanks