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Doctor's Hourly EarningsAlthough doctors often bill by the hour, they are not generally paid by the hour. Please see the closely related question to the right.

A hair more than your English professor

doctors get paiid every time you do an check up.

it also depends on what kind of a docter you want to be

It's true as above for physicians who run their own practices. Many physicians are salaried as well. ER physicians, pathologists, hospitalists, ect, are usually salaried as employees. Most HMO's, like Kaiser, the VA, military, hire physicians to work for them. Salaries varies by specialties and some are paid with annual or monthly pay rate instead of hourly. The military medical services has many cilivilan physician salaried contractors.

It depends on the type of physician, where the practice is located, whether he/she is residency trained in his/her field, the length of time he has been a physician and whether in a private practice or academic environment. Each of these can significantly affect pay rates. There are websites (see related links) which give summaries of pay scales for various regions of the country submitted by physicians who fill out surveys.

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Q: How much money does a doctor earn per hour?
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