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How much money does a ear throat and ear specialist make?

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April 06, 2009 10:25PM

Actually, an ENT ( Ear, Nose, Throat: otolaryngologist ) is a specialized surgeon who has to go to school for longer than that..

Four years of undergrad, four years of medical school, and a FIVE year surgical residency.

That's Thirteen years for a general ENT.

A sub-specialized otolaryngologist has to do an additional one to three year Fellowship for further training. (Neurotologist, Pediatrics, Head and Neck, etc. )

The average salary for an ENT is around 200k per year. Sub-specialties tend to make more, depending on the region, hospital, private center, or academic center involved.

a ear nose and throat specialist has to go to school for ten years. Four years of undergrad. Four years of medical school. Followed by two years of residency. They make about 500,000 dollars a year. Basically they ball. If you became a pharmacist in stead you are what they say "not that smart".