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Depending! if you plan to buy horses... than you drop in money (big time!) than you have to pay for hay, feed, and vet bills (that puts ya down even more). than you have to train, which most likely means medical bills for if you dont know what your doing, or else you have to pay someone to train your horses for you, which can run from $100-$500 an hour (depending on the person). So it could cost alot if your not ready for anything. Depending on the breed of horses you plan to raise and train, if you are wanting to raise horses for recreational and hobbies.... be willing to pay out of pocket. But if this is an interest in making money breeding, training and sales can be quite lucrative. This is a huge investment in the beginning, but if you know your breed and start with great bloodlines you can make a living. I have met horse farm owners that are into six figures a year..... But this takes years of hard work to accomplish.

And... I've known LOTS of horse breeders over the years. The only way any of them saw it financially advantagous was as a tax shelter. That was even before the horse slaughter ban killed the market! There are now horses being tied to lamp posts in some towns. One friend bought a horse at an auction, took it to his trailer & found the trailer full of horses already! They had been abandoned in his trailer!

Do NOT get into horses thinking you're going to make money!!!

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Q: How much money does a horse farm owner earn?
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