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According to, the salary range for a lab technician is between $34,000 to $49,000 per year. Variations in salary would depend on location, type of employer, and level of training. Search the site (link below) to find the salary range for your criteria.

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Q: How much money does a lab technician earn?
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How much money does a forensic investigation lab technician earn?

a year about 80,000 dollars and 25 dollars an hour

How much money can a person with lab technician certificate earn?

My mom's friend is a lab technician and she also earned a certificate. You might not be exactly the same, but she said she earns right around $50,000.

How much money does a forensic investigator lab technician make in Memphis TN?

how much money does a foresic scince lab technician make in Memphis TN?

How much does a sleep lab technician earn?

In the United States, the average yearly salary for a sleep lab technician is $38,000. In New York, the average annual salary for this position is $47,000.

What is a lab technician average salary?

A lab technician in the US can expect to earn an average annual salary of $38,000. Experience and location can cause this salary to be higher or lower. The average salary for a lab technician in Los Angeles is $41,000 per year.

What are lab technician classes for?

A Lab Technician is someone who specializes in tools in the lab, they have skills on what to do with these tools. They also press safety issues and other things such as health violations. That is what a Lab Technician is.

How much does a scientist earn per year?

It depends on what type of scientist you are; a rocket scientist or a lab technician; a brain surgeon or a government soil tester. Ask again with more specific information.

You want to know where you can learn a lab technician course?

i wanna learn about lab technician in Lahore city Pakistan

What are the best lab technician jobs?

Lab technician jobs are offered in a number of places that are useful for many people and gets you into labs and technician jobs. The best technician jobs are from certain schools.

What are the certification requirements to get a lab technician job?

The certification requirements to get a lab technician job is to have a masters degree, certification and have worked in the field for so many years as a technician.

What is a lab technician job for?

A lab technician is an individual who has undergone training in a scientific field and is working in a laboratory setting. A lab technician is typically responsible for conducting scientific research, running experiments, formulating chemical solutio

How does being a lab technician job help?

A lab technician is a person in charge of working with the technology involved in a particular laboratory. In order to become a technician, one must be certified.

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