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How much money does a marine mammal trainer make?


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Most people who want to be a marine mammal trainer are not in it for the money, they're in it for the adventure and the experience. Keep that in mind, when deciding if this is the career for you. Starting pay is very low compared to other "professional" pay scales. It currently (November 2010) ranges from a low of $8/hr to $13/hr depending on the facility, and that's after you do at least one internship (most of them are unpaid). On average, most 1st year trainers have done a minimum of 2 to 3 internships to get their foot in the door before they land their first full-time staff training job. Without help from family, most junior trainers work a 2nd part-time job to help make ends meet. It's not until a couple of promotions to the "senior trainer" position (4-8 yrs in the profession), that one can make a livable wage ($40K+) and not have to have part-time supplemental income. Bottom line - you choose this occupation because you love it, not for the money!


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Around 25.000thousand to 45.000 and sometimes to 55.000thousands.

A marine mammal trainer is a person who feeds, trains, and plays with mamels such as dolphins and if you are working with dolphins you teach them tricks like kiss and hug and its really fun and you make $40,000 just starting off being a marine mammal trainer.

A starting trainer normally makes from $18,000 to $20 ,000. A trainer with eight to twelve years of esperience make $25 ,000 to $40 ,000 a year. A starting trainer normally makes from $18,000 to $20 ,000. A trainer with eight to twelve years of esperience make $25 ,000 to $40 ,000 a year.

A marine mammal trainer is like a dolphin trainer at say, seaworld. Not necessarily a dolphin though, maybe whales or seals also. They train them to do tricks, which they perform in front of crowds. To be a marine mammal trainer you have to be a pretty good swimmer, and a good speaker; as you would have to perform in front of large crowds. They test you on both these things, you have to swim 120 yards or something without breathing, and swim the length of their dolphin arena, which can get pretty large. You are also tested by speaking in front of large crowds. To be accepted as a marine mammal trainer it may help to have previous experience with such animals. It may help to have a degree in the biology fields, such as marine biologist or wildlife biology, zoologist, however these are not a must, it would just help. A marine mammal trainer isn't as fun as it sounds though, it is also hard work. You will have to feed them fish, clean the tanks and make their food. Sometimes even have to stay up all night to look after a sick animal. It is not a highly paid job, so you'll have to have a natural love for the animals, otherwise it's not worth it. These are all facts I have just gathered online, so they may not all be true. I plan to be a marine mammal trainer, with a degree in wildlife biology so I'm just tryiing to find things out, like you :) :) :) Hope I helped x

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