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As a school counselor in my county in TN, I started out at $34,000 per year. It varies from state to state and county to county. I am a high school counselor.

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How much money does a counselor earn?

AnswerA counselor earns around $34,000 - $56,000.

How much money does a first year middle school teacher earn?

In some parts of the country, a first year middle school teacher would earn about 65,000 dollars a year and about 15.4 dollars an hour. Salary varies by location, though.

Can you earn credits in middle school?


How can you earn money at school?


How much money does a respiratory therapy nurse earn?

how much money can I earn when I get off school as respitory therapist?

How much does AODA counselor earn?

I am wanting to go to school for an AODA counsler, do u know what the starting pay is?

How much money does a school principal earn?


How much money does a school nurse earn?

How much money does a science teacher earn?

Depends on the level of the teacher, the state/county of employment, and education. Say, a first year teacher at the middle school level in TN might earn about 31K a year.

How much does a peer counselor earn?


Do you earn money in medical school?

No you dont because you are a student

How much money does a school coordinator for a group home earn?

All the money he steals

How long do you have to go to acting school?

how much money would I have to earn for acting school?

How much money can you earn with an Associates Degree in Psychology?

You may get a job as a pre-secondary school teacher or a counselor as a school teacher, the government data sais that they start at 17 but with experience you can go up to 30 hourly... if you go for a bachelor's the situation is way better...

How much money does elementary school teachers earn in a year?

teachers earn 47,602 dollars a year

How do you get money from playing soccer?

Only if you go pro can you earn money or become a school coach.

How much money do high school teachers earn?

i think that high school teachers earn around £40.000 a year depending on there postion in teaching.

Why would fundraisers be good for schools?

So that the school can earn money to help with the developement of the school.

How do you cheat a money?

What ?! Go to school. Dont cheat on anyones money... WORK HARD AND EARN MONEY ..bleh!

How much money does a high school band director earn?


How much money can you earn as a school guidance councelor?

$15,000 - $20,000

How do Chinese children get to school?

milk a cow and earn money for a bus

How much money did people earn in medieval times?

Just as today, what you cold earn in the middle ages depended on what you could do and where you lived.

How much money does an electronics engineer earn?

After 8-10 years of experience, the middle 50% earn about 104K annually in the United States.

How much money does a school psychologist earn?

How much does a psycchologist makes with a PhD

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