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How much money does a military nurse earn?



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Military Pay

In the military your pay depends on your rank and time in service, not what your actually job is. For instance if you are a nurse with the rank of Captain you will have the same base income as any other military captain. There is a pay table that will show you the base pay rates. Go to and look athe the top left in the yellow/gold bar. Select the link for "military pay" and then select the drop down box for military pay tables. As a of the nurse, with a college degree you would be an "O" for officer. In addition to your basic pay rate you receive a small sum each month for food and another for housing cost. The housing rate will vary depending on where you live but it is meant to pay 80-100% of the cost of a rental home. If you serve overseas or in a hardship location there are additional pay allowances you will receive and you can look those rates up from the same site as above.