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How much money does a person with a bachelor's degree in music earn?

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Answer actually it depends on what field of music you are trying to get into. there are a lot of different jobs that you can go for with a music degree. you could be a music teacher, a music performer(which is probably what pays the most), a music producer, or composer, a song writter, audio engeneering, an audio technician...etc... but it depends on what you are trying to do in music. do you play an instrument?

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What is BS and a BM degree?

A BS is a bachelors in science, and a BM can be a bachelors of music in the US.

What training do you need to become a music teacher?

Bachelors Degree!

What is the salary for a bachelors in music?

A Bachelor degree in Music does not guarantee a specific salary. It all depends on what work you do and how much the salary for that is. Having that degree might make it easier to be employed as a music teacher.

What benefits are there to obtaining a masters degree in music education rather than a bachelors degree?

The question is somewhat confusing. For this particular field the bachelors degree comes before the more advanced study particular to the masters degree. It doesn't appear to be an either or decision.

What would be the minimum degree needed for a k-12 music teacher?

Most Teachers Require a Bachelors or a Masters Degree .

Can I get a music business degree online?

Yes there are several sites that can help you out. One is: Try going to your local college to see if music business degree is available too.

What kind of Master's Degree can a person with a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish get?

You can pursue any masters after the completion of the bachelors. You must meet the qualifications of that degree, with the appropriate prerequisites. For example, many medical students come from a variety of backgrounds to include, English, Music, Business, etc.

What is the education required to become a music major?


How many years of college is needed for a masters degree in music education?

The bachelors degree is approximately four years if taken as prescribed by the college or university. The masters degree may take an additional two to three years depending on course load per semester.

What is the best bachelors degree to get?

The full form of BCA is a bachelor’s in computer application. BCA is a three-year undergraduate degree program for candidates wishing to delve into the world of Computer languages.One of the most popular options to get started with a career in Information Technology, the course gives you awareness of the world of computers and its applications.

Do you have to have a diploma from a college to be a music teacher?

Depending on the state, and school. Some private schools would hire people with out a diploma... But most of them require a Bachelors Degree, and and teacher certification.

Is a four year degree in education a BA or BS?

It can be either, depending on your concentration of studies. And I have a specific Bachelors in Music Education. There are many others, too. The operative word is EDUCATION.

How much does a music teacher with a bachelors degree in Ohio make?

50,000 - 75,000 is usually the norm in the state of ohio; however, this is subject to change based on the community and school itself.

How do you start your own music college?

Go to a real college, then, get a degree in teaching and music. Lastly, get a lot of money ( and the governer's permission ) to build a music college.

Does a Masters in Music Therapy require a bachelors in Music therapy?

Normally graduate degrees do not require undergraduate degrees in the same subject. However, you may have to take some specific undergraduate courses while pursuing your masters degree.

Is a certificate program higher than a bachelor's degree?

That depends on the program itself. "Certificate" can mean a certification after Junior College (below Bachelors), or something like a teaching certificate (concurrent with a bachelors in Education), or well above a Masters (a "performers certificate" from a classical music school).

How do you abbreviate bachelors of music education?

It depends on the country and specific school. Most colleges and universities within the United States that do not have a specific school of music offer music degrees as BAs. Others have tracks off their bachelor of fine arts degree (BFA). Others with specific schools may offer the degree as a BM, or BMus. If you took this degree as an education program with state teachers certification, the degree is most often a BA. The best thing to do is contact and inquire the infromation from the school you attended.

How much money does the average person spend on music each year?


What degree is needed to become a singer?

you need to get a degree in music first,then transfer to another school to get your bachelors degree in music,because if you are going to school to become a singer i am far too sure that you are attending a let down ,two year,community will need to talk classes like sociology psychology western civ I and II and then you will need to take a body painting classes and do yoga exercises until you earn that singing degree......good luck with that

Is BA degree the same as a bachelor's degree?

BA stands for Bachelors of Arts; it indicates a Bachelor's in any liberal arts, non-technical feild (music, grammar, astronomy) BS stands for Bachelor's in Science; it indicates a Bachelor's in a technical feild (mathematics, psychology, statistics, geophysics)

How long does it take to get an online music degree?

It depends on what level of degree that you want in the online music degree. For the Doctoral degree, it would take about 3-4 years. More information can be found at

What is a music education degree?

This is a degree for people looking to teach music classes. Band, Choir, etc.

Do you need a music degree to be a music teacher?

Yeah you do.

What is the MME degree?

masters degree im music education

How many years do you spend in college if you want to be a violinist?

You can be a violinist without going to college. To be an accomplished musician it takes years of study, and a bit of innate talent. However, if you wish to pursue a college degree (highly recommended) in music, a bachelors degree will take approximately four years as a full-time student, provided you take the degree as prescribed by the college or university.