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How much money does a plumber's apprentice make?



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As a Union Sprinklerfitter, who is in a related field, I can let you know what our program is, which is very close to a plumber's program. An apprentice program is a five year program. First year apprentices make approximately 45 percent of what a journeymen plumber makes. Note that a journeymen plumber can make more or less per hour depending on what part of the country and area market conditions are. In my area, journeymen make anywhere from 35 to 42 dollars per hour, depending on the trade. In other parts of the country, this could be 30 to 50 percent less per hour, because local market conditions dictate wages. In my area, we have a stronger union representation; in other right to work states, people make less. (nuff on the political stuff.) If the apprentice does satisfactory in his performance, he or she is entitled to a raise in pay every six months. The raise is about 5 percent more of journeymen's rate. so for example if a journeymen makes 40 per hour, an apprentice in his first year can make 15 to 20 per hour. (45 to 50 percent of journeymen's rate.)