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Hourly rates vary quite a bit across the country and in different shops. Large corporations may pay as much as $15 per hour, but the typical hourly scenario is usually around $8-10.

In order to make good money as a mechanic, a person needs to: (1) become ASE master certified or better; (2) specialize in automatic transmissions; (3) be a diesel mechanic; (4) find a fleet job; (5) specialize in drivability/engine repair; or (6) stay in one place a long, long, time.

Most mechanics do not receive an hourly wage. Instead, they are paid by a system called flat rate. Every job that can be done from changing oil to rebuilding a transmission is uniformly given a particular amount of time in which the average mechanic can finish the job. For example, an oil change might pay two-tenths of an hour (12 minutes). The mechanic is paid for 12 minutes of work no matter if it takes him/her five minutes or five hours. As mechanics become more experienced and have more tenure at their place of employment, they are often faster than the "average" time, so they have the opportunity to work 40-hour weeks but actually clock more than 40-hours of flat-rate time. It is only in this situation that a mechanic can make more than a decent salary.

Beginning mechanics usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to jobs. They are more likely to spend a whole day doing oil changes because it is really difficult to do an oil change correctly in under 12 minutes. They are also more likely to get the hourly pay rather than the flat-rate pay so that they can be handed some of the other low-end jobs (like sweeping and mopping, which don't count toward flat-rate time).

The problem with the flat rate system is that it forces mechanics to fight each other over the jobs that can be done the fastest compared to their book times. For some mechanics, this increases the drive to find something else to fix on a car, or to line up several cars for themselves to work on, thereby increasing the waiting time per vehicle. This is why there are so many mechanic Horror stories. Additionally, if a shop has a slow week, a mechanic may not bring enough money home to pay his/her bills. This makes planning for a family or a vacation or saving money very difficult.

Working in a dealership setting is a good way to gain experience and to get paid to go to school or get formal training. However, unless you have a particular skill that is in demand, the pay is pretty stinky.

Private shops (Joe Schmoe's Auto Service, etc.) usually have better pay and the same benefits but are not as concerned with offering education pay.

Large corporations (Goodyear, Midas, etc.) offer the best benefits, low pay, and little interest in continuing education.

Another AnswerThe amount they make depends several factors. Some get paid hourly, and some get a percentage of their billed flag time. Flag time is a book estimate for a job. If they make say, 30 dollars (a high guess) per flag hoour billed, and do a 2 hour job in one hour, they made 60 dollars that hour. The mechanic does not receive the whole labor rate ($60/hr or more) because they do not own the shop, the lifts or have to pay for the shop's advertising. Others make a flat hourly rate. For example, as a mechanic's apprentice I made 7.50/hr because I was very good considering no formal training. My coworker made approx $14.50. he had many years experience, but was not an expert.

A full service mechanic (someone that does everything) can make anywhere from $55-$75 per hour. However, I am not sure what the pay rates are for someone who works for a business such as Pep Boys or Goodyear. If you owned your shop you could charge that much because that's what the median rate is for a mechanic.

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Q: How much money does a qualified auto mechanic earn?
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How much money does an auto mechanic in Australia earn?

How much an auto mechanic earns in Australia depends on their experience and where they work. Experienced auto techs can earn up t0 45k per year.

How much money does an auto mechanic earn a week?

$0.52 After expenses, that is about right.

How much does an auto mechanic earn a month?

about $5,000

How much earn a Auto mechanic per month?


How much money does an auto mechanic earn in Europe?

There does not appear to be a salary estimate that covers Europe as a whole. The median annual salary for an auto mechanic in the United Kingdom is $43,430. This includes an annual bonus of $6,360. The average monthly salary for an auto mechanic in Germany is 4,013 euros or $5,150 in US currency.

What kind of degree can I receive from an auto repair college?

You can earn a Auto Mechanic Certification from auto repair schools. These schools are not official colleges, and you do not earn a degree, but a certificate.

How much money does a UPS diesel mechanic earn?

The United Parcel Service diesel mechanic is $38,000. The more time on the job, the more money they will earn.

How much money does an mechanic earn per month?


How much money does an auto mechanic earn?

20 years ago, easy 100000 a year plus .... now, with poor parts, 90000 maybe

How much money does a car mechanic earn?

It depends on what kind of education he or she has

How much does a Apprentice Mechanic earn?

im a first year mechanic with a masive company .. so far i earn £125 a week plus overtime .. moneys bad for a while but goes up every year and when your qualified skys the limit....

How much does an auto mechanic earn in a month?

On average, $3,000 a month with an average yearly salary of 36,000

Does an apprentice auto mechanic on flat rate earn journeyman wage?

No, you get paid for the hours you stub, nothing more.

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How much money does an qualified auto mechanic earn?

they can make somewhere around $75,000 a year Depends.I have seen adds at $8.74 per hour. Franchise repair shops at 10-15% of total ticket and flat rates of up to $29 on big cities with unions.But overall a QUALIFIED TECH will make $50K for a average-some more some less and depends on the location and shop.$30K-$75K is the range per year .

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Could you inform me about auto mechanic salary?

Depending on your area, auto mechanics can pull in a sizable paycheck. In Los Angeles, California, an auto technician can expect an annual $28,600. A Level II mechanic, however, can expect around $37,300 annually, and a Level III mechanic over $55,000. Remember, demand is everything. A mechanic in an area with a high density driving population will earn more than one who works in a quieter environment.

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What is the job outlook on auto mechanic?

The job outlook for the auto mechanic/auto technician is good. With cars becoming more complex every year the need for qualified automotive technicians is rising steadily. Repairs are becoming more and more complicated especially for the DIY. Tools and equipment necessary to repair vehicles properly are getting further out of reach of the weekend warrior as well. Mechanics that are willing to learn and keep up with the rapidly changing vecle systems are in position to earn a good income for many years to come.

How much does an auto mechanic earn a year?

The median yearly salary is close to $40,000 per year. The amount will vary depending your their experience and where they work at.

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