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How much money does a restaurant owner make?

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2011-03-15 16:01:56
2011-03-15 16:01:56

Depends on your state and it depends on you:

Pricing is very important. Your charge for food/meal should reflect(include):

As a standard ... 1/3 should reflect your actual cost (food & overhead) and 2/3 should be your return on investment. In other words; if your total cost was $1.00 you should add $2.00 to arrive at a cost of $3.00 for the particular meal.

New York is involved in every aspect of your business. One of the worst states for free enterprise. They make it very difficult with all their regulations. New York State is involved way too much in operating your business. They are involved in from disciplining unproductive employees to way to many tax regulations and penalties for minor infractions.

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Most restaurant owners make upwards of $100,000 if their restaurant is popular.

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A restaurant owner earns a percentage of the gross, and losses typically directly affect the owners income unless they choose a fixed salary. With a fixed salary, profits remain with the business. A restaurant owner can make anywhere from nothing (very common for restaurants to fail completely) to more than $400,000 for a major established restaurant.

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It depends on where about in the world the restaurant is.

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first make a business as much money as you can.descide whether you want to franchise or have your own business.

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It's between you and the owner. Could be free or a lot of money.

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