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There is a "salary calculator" tool on this website: Enter the job title and zip code for your area and it will provide you with the average salary comensurate with the job. Anna Webb


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a construction loan is a loan of money that is given to the needer to build building structures.

Latest Update: July 23, 2011 Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)- $72,000/year

Space Welding. Yes they have welders in space!

A welding inspector spends lots of money getting exam qualifications and then re-sitting the same exams every five years for the privilege of sitting on his a--e at home most of the year waiting on the phone to ring ^^^^ The above was most likely written by an out of work welder (waiting at home for a council call) that became unemployed due to the problems that were encountered by crossing paths with a welding inspector that performed their duties with due diligence in regards to reviewing welder certifications (probably out of date for the above, if any), welding procedures (if any), approved fabrication drawings (probably hand drawn on a beer napkin), appropriate electrodes and welding equipment (chromed dental floss and a hair dryer from Tesco will not be acceptable), proper materials and fit up (scrap iron and rough guesses on dimensions most likely), industry and welding code approved welding practices (unlike the slop normally put in at their own manse and manor), failure to pass visual and non-destructive testing (Seeing through the weld in 3 spots is NOT acceptable in any code, thank you) and a myriad of other failures by the above poster that were easily spotted by the welding inspector. try this instead:

Have money put in escrow pending completion of the building.

Construction was initially halted because the private organization funding the monument ran out of money. Construction was completed decades later when the government started paying for it.

It can be. Basic welding techniques can get you started in the welding field. Stick welding in the flat position for example. The more experience you get usually translates to more money. Certain processes take more skill such as TIG or plasma welding as well as pipe welding and underwater welding. These are considered highly skilled.

Construction of the Empire State Building was completed in 1931. It cost $40,948,900, which would equal around 500 million dollars in 2010.

In general it won't be in a shop environment. Construction welding is high pay. Pipeline welding is up there. Some specialty refinery and chemical work is high but i dont think high enough considering the many years of experience and determined effort required to be able to do those jobs. Any construction trade can be big money if you are very good at the work and have the needed people skills. I'm not the best but grossed 130K first year i went into business welding as an independent. I'd worry about letting the cat out of the bag but any man that applies himself to anything should be able to make decent money. It's not luck or the breaks. Skill, persistence, hard work.

Construction site managers and building inspectors are educated in the areas of structural integrity, the reading and interpreting of blueprints, codes and regulations pertaining to structure compliance, and general managerial duties. A building inspector in particular needs to be able to assess the condition of a structure and recommend the appropriate changes, upgrades or improvements. Quite often the safety of the men and women working at a job site depends on the awareness and expertise of the on-site inspector or construction foreman.Responsibilities And DutiesBuilding and construction site managers often must coordinate the efforts of a number of different subcontractors. The job is much like the choreographing of a Broadway play. Deadlines must be met in order to save on labor costs, meaning a careful scheduling of all work is necessary so that time is not wasted or money spent uselessly. A construction site foreperson is the one responsible for having the job come in at or below budget.A building inspector is responsible for reporting whether a structure meets building codes. This person is trained to measure accurately, decide whether there are faults in the structural integrity, study the infrastructural components such as heating, lighting, water and sewer, and insure that all safety rules and regulations are being followed to the letter.Education For Building/Site InspectorsBuilding inspectors are usually very experienced in the construction industry. Regardless of their educational background, years have been spent on job sites or in formal training classes where an emphasis on building safety and environmental impact is stressed. There are actual degree programs for building inspection majors, those interested in urban planning, or who are thinking of a career in supervising the installation of utilities.Degree programs in engineering involve several courses in higher math, classes in the reading and interpreting of blueprints, and training in how to prepare reports for supervisors or government officials. Many individuals who began their working careers in the labor industry have chosen to return to school and complete a Bachelor's degree in business administration or urban development. This degree in combination with prior field experience may lead to a career as a building inspector or field supervisor for a construction company.Excellent Salaries For Experienced PersonnelThe median hourly wage for a building inspector hired by a governmental agency is approximately $26.00 per hour. This figure is somewhat higher than that for an on-site construction supervisor, but those who prefer on-site work may find room for advancement with a competing construction company.

The French did not finish building the Panama Canal as they ran out of money and support to continue construction. The United States completed the Canal in 1913 and opened it in 1914.

What type of inspector: Food, house, aircraft ??? commercial vehicle

Inspector Gadget grossed $97,387,965 worldwide.

you can't help him he is just saying he has been trying to do construction for 3 years but has no money

Building Construction and Graphics Standards - Andre Grobbelaar is a nice book for Architecture Students in the university. Why is not available free in the Internet for the poors that have no money tobuy the book?

Inspector Gadget grossed $97,387,965 in the domestic market.

first stage could be: Briefing, size of building, where the building will go, finance, planning permission and building regulations.the briefing involves{the overview-type,location,purpose,etc. ,money available, and time}

According to the U.S. Department of Labor ... Median hourly earnings of construction laborers in 2002 were $11.90. The middle 50 percent earned between $9.33 and $17.06. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $7.58, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $23.36. Median hourly earnings in the industries employing the largest number of construction laborers in 2002 were as follows: -Highway, street, and bridge construction $14.48 -Nonresidential building construction 12.97 -Other specialty trade contractors 12.35 -Foundation, structure, and building exterior contractors 11.89 -Residential building construction 11.42

any where from $25 to $42 an hour(straight time )(time and a half over 40hrs a week),i make 37.50 an hour,plus vehicle allowance plus fuel allowance,full health insurance.

Opening a restaurant can cost anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 plus depending on location, the materials you start out with, the building, the construction, etc.

A welding education can be the beginning of a lucrative career that has several opportunities. Two years is usually all it takes to earn a certificate in welding that will qualify you for almost any entry-level welding job. There are many different types of work that a welding certificate is good for. Underwater Welding The most lucrative and specialized type of welding is underwater welding. There is a higher level of danger in underwater welding, which is why underwater welders make up to twice as much money as traditional welders. You can learn underwater welding at larger technical schools that offer the program. It is usually a very intensive course track that you will need to adjust your schedule for, but the benefit of a higher paycheck can offset the need to devote so much time to your welding education. Your instructors should be able to help you find places to apply for work that matches your particular skills. Construction and Manufacturing Most people with a welding education end up working in the manufacturing sector. They are highly valuable for automotive body repair as well as construction of homes and office buildings. Welding is a large part of ship building, also. The possibilities for a trained welder are virtually limitless. Talented welders are always in demand, which means that the work is generally stable and reliable. Whether you are a freelance welder or you join an established construction company or manufacturer, you will have the opportunity to work as long as you want to. Travel or Stay Local Many welders prefer to work as independent contractors. That means that they move from job site to job site, sometimes staying for a few months and sometimes staying for a few weeks. Independent contractors have more scheduling flexibility and their salaries change from job to job. The downside of working independently is that you have to furnish your own insurance. There is also no promise that there will be steady work when you need it. The life of a contractor changes with each job, but it never gets stale or boring. Working with an established company provides more support and the promise of steady work.

Inspector Gadget - 1983 Funny Money 1-51 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

You can get a welding school scholarship by completing the needs of the certain welding school in question. All require basic knowledge of certain tasks and loans can be acquired by searching up local loans if you're short on money.

To start a university, first raise money to fund construction of building. Hire people who will help in aspects of consultation, administration, teaching, and others. Get an accreditation and start marketing.

a construction manager makes around $29.00 an hour

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