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Q: How much money does an accountant or CPA make as an annual salary?
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What does annual salary mean?

== == Annual salary is the amount of money you make in one year.

How much money do you need to make annual salary?

Your annual salary could be any amount. It is the total money earned in any given year.

How much money does the average South Carolina accountant make?

The median salary for an accountant in the Charleston, SC area is about $44,000 per year. An experienced accountant can make more than twice that amount.

How much money does Sarah Palin make?

As Governor of Alaska, she draws an annual salary of $125,000 ====== Article 01. SALARIES Sec. 39.20.010. Annual salary of governor. (a) The annual salary of the governor is $125,000.

How much money did the president make in 1908?

$50,000 was the annual salary for the President in 1908.

How much money does an art therapist make?

The annual salary for an entry-level art therapist is at least $30,000. The median annual salary for an art therapist is $40,745.

How much money does a chef make in Manhattan?

The average annual salary for a chef working in Manhattan, NY is $65.000. In Orlando, Florida, the average annual salary for a chef is $43,000.

How much money does a virologist earn?

Virologists make an annual salary in range of $43,507 to $53,000.

How much money obstetricians make?

As of 2010, In the USA the annual median Obstetrician Salary is $248,000.

How much does a payroll accountant make?

The median salary for a payroll accountant is $48,000. Accountants can make a larger salary if they are experienced with Microsoft Excel and General Ledger Accounting programs.

How much money do criminologists make?

The nationwide average annual salary for a criminologist is $36,000. Pay can vary a lot, depending on location. The average annual salary for a criminologist in Chicago is $44,000.

How much money does a doctor of osteopathic make a year?

MDs and DOs make the same annual salary for similar positions.

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