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How much money does it cost to start a liquor store?

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You should allow a minimum of $165,000 for inventory. A good two register computer based checkout system will run $4,000 for hardware. 2 pc's, monitors, barcode scanners, keyboards, receipt printers, credit card scanner. POS software will be around $2-3,000. (But a good system is essential for keeping your inventory straight and printing sales reports) Your shelving and display equipment will be in the area of $6,000 (look for used) A 5 door beer cooler (used) will run you about $2,000 and another $2,00 for installation and wiring. The compressor system will be about $3000 installed. You are probably going to want a glass breakage and motion detection alarm system installed - $2,500. And - a good 4 camera computer based instore security camera system with hardware/softward will be about $2,000.

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A liquor store will cost you around $250,000 to get in stock of the basics.

a lot of money and a huge financial risk

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It costs about $250,000 to $500,000 to open one from scratch and, when all is said and done, about 1.5 million to maintain yearly.

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How much does a liquor license cost in Mississippi?

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How much do liquor liscense cost in the state of michigan

it depends on what county you live in. I live in DeKalb county where a Liquor store license costs $4000 and a beer/wine is $900. You have to check your county government.

A full "4COP" or "3PS" liquor license will cost about $140,000. The annual renual is between about $1300 and $1800 per year depending on what type of liquor sales you do (package store v.s. a bar).

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A liquor license will cost approximately $1,850 per year on average. This can vary depending on how you are getting your liquor.

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This is an impossible question to answer. There are so many variables that will need to be considered. Here in Florida, liquor licenses are issued by county. I have heard of liquor licenses selling between $75,000 and $400,000 depending on location. The terms of your rent or purchase price will have to be factored in. Then there's the cost of an inventory control system, should you choose to have one. As far as inventory, that will depend on the size of your store and whether or not liquor is regulated by the state that you reside in. A typical opening order for a liquor store will cost between $75,000 and $200,000 There are several other factors but I hope this helps a little. Please visit Our site should be up an running by June 1, 2009

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Some typical start up costs for a retail store includes the cost of inventory, rent and employee salaries. The amount of money you will need to get your business started varies depending on the type of business you will start.

The cost varies greatly for a liquor license. Full liquor licenses can range from $12,000 to as high as $400,000. Beer and wine are in the lower end with cost being about 5,000 dollars.

Beginning inventory minus ending inventory plus purchases (cost of goods sold) divided by liquor sales equals liquor cost, which should be between 22% and 28%, if you want to be a profitable business.

The cost of a liquor license in Kentucky depends on the type of establishment and the hours of operation. A Quota Retail Package (formerly Liquor Package) costs $1,200.

Liquor pourers generally cost around $1. The most expensive I found was $25. You can find liquor pourers at and just to name a few.

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