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Singers make up to like 500,000 or more, or less it depends mostly on popularity etc. Papa Roach makes 1,176.50 per tweet.

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Q: How much money does papa roach make?
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When was Papa Roach created?

Papa Roach was created in 1993.

Who is more popular papa roach or p.o.d.?

Papa Roach

Where did papa roach get their name?

Jacoby's grandfather's name was William Roach and they called him Papa Roach. He died and Jacoby decided to name the band Papa roach after his grandfather.

Who is better Beyonce or papa roach?


Is Papa Roach still alive?

Yes, Papa Roach is still alive.

Who sings broken home by papa roach?

Papa roach singer Jacoby Dakota Shaddix

Is Papa Roach satanic?


Had enough papa roach?

no !

What is the current Raw theme tune?

its papa roach - wanna be loved its papa roach - wanna be loved

What song has you make me smile in it?

You're probably thinking of Smile by Papa Roach.

Is Papa Roach a Christian rock band?

No, Papa Roach is alternative rock. There is nothing really Christian about the band.

Is papa roach awesome?

I think they are.

Does papa roach worship the devil?

do they do not

What are the most well known songs by Papa Roach?

The best hits of Papa Roach are: Last Resort, Scars, and To Be Loved.

How long has papa roach been a band?

Papa Roach began forming in 1993; their first EP was released in '94.

Who is papa roaches 1 fan?

Papa Roach's number 1 fan is V.J he got to talk with him and had dinner with him. He got his picture signed by Papa Roach.

Who is more popular Linkin Park or papa roach?

Linkin Park, definitely. Papa Roach was very popular for a few years, but Linkin Park held on to the masses' attention much longer.

Who plays drums in papa roach?

Tony Palermo use 2 b the drummer for papa roach. now its Dave buckner

Is papa roach on drugs?

no he is a health man

Where do you get a backstage pass for papa roach?


Who Likes Last Resort By Papa Roach?


Who sings the song scars?

Papa Roach

What website can you talk to Papa Roach on?

Who sang the song to be loved?

Papa Roach

Is papa roach the same as drowning pool?