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About 75k

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Q: How much money does sales manager earn in the car industry?
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How much money does a computer sales manager make?

This would typically depend on what industry they sell too and the size of their sales team, as well as the size / profile of the company they work for... Typically, and especially in the IT industry, I would expect a Computer Sales Manager to earn between 75K to 120K, maybe more if they oversee quite complex and high value sales.

How much money does a cosmetic sales counter person earn?

This will depend on the company and where in the country you work in my experience a counter manager can earn between

How much money does a manager of a band earn?

How much money a manager of a band earns depends on the band and their contract with the band. They are usually paid a base salary and a percentage of sales and earnings.

How much does a customer service manager earn?

how much money does a account manager earn

How much does a www Cars dot com Field Sales Manager earn?

Not as much as an Autotrader dot com Field Sales Manager

How much does treasury sales earn?

The salary of a treasury sales manager vary from region to region. The annual pay of a treasury sales manager in US ranges from $50,000 to $75000.

How much money does a manager make in the banking industry?

this all depends on the bank. managers get a set salary but they earn big bonuses. the rbs manager got like 11m bonus!!!

Does the game-industry earn more money than the movie-industry?


How much money does a general manager earn?

genral manager of what it needs to be more specific

How much does a regional sales manager earn?

The average salary of a regional sales manager is 74,000 dollars per year. This amount does not seem to fluctuate much at all.

How much money does a WWE manager earn?

20 million

How much does a real Canadian superstore manager earn?

They earn lots of money by : Ronald Banks

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