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How much money does tna have?


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2011-10-19 23:56:38
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They are a profitable company but do not have the money and resources that wwe has

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More than you can count. He is not the owner of TNA, TNA so he has earned no money but receive a salary of TNA.

Since he is a superstar on TNA, about $250,00 or more, per year.

alot but WWE makes alot more money TNA superstars make about in the millons

a couple of thousand dollars

WWE only gets around 5,000$$ more a year than TNA: Total Nonstop Action

because he wasnt getting much attention and he got offered more money 2 go to tna

because tna paid him enough money and i thank its stupid because of his big goodbye. i hate tna!

He did not sign with TNA, TNA just wants to sign him He did sign wit TNA cuz they offered him more money nd wwe isn't what it used to be

check on the website they sell tna stuff

TNA offered him more money and a better contract than WWE

demonte hw much does tna impact cost

tna sweaters are usually $60-$80.

Well some TNA Wrestlers maybe dead but TNA IS Fake so there wont be that much

he is a superstar at TNA now . i think that TNA will get more money becasue of hulk hogan .

Small TNA bags cost about $40 each.

one reason could be because TNA and WWE work secretly together. Another reason could be that TNA has less money than WWE though the wrestlers get more money in TNA.

i think so if vince and holgan can just see how much money there would be

TNA is one of my favorite brands! TNA bags are usually around 80-100 dollars possibly more....

no don t get me wrong i love tna but wwe is much richer and could buy out tna easer than tna could buy wwe. wwe is trying to buy tna now tna trying to buy wwe is impossible.

The small TNA bags are 40.00 and the large TNA bags are 55.00

well right now he is recovering from injuries and after that wwe and tna will bid the highest money to have him on their company

Money, and it was an opportunity for him to be on top again because TNA needed his starpower to become more popular. Of course that didn't work.

No, i very seriously dout it Vince Mcmhon is very rich but TNA is a very diffrent company. There is no chance that TNA defeats WWE in a Monday Night War. Most of the TNA are wwe castoffs or former wwe stars WAY past their prime. Plus the WWE has a lot more money than TNA and money was the only thing that made WCW cometitive in the first place.

my guess is two cents per match. jeff, come backj to wwe for five million.

yes but not to much longer

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