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It will cost (36.364) times (cost of one gallon of gas).


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If gas is $4 per gallon, it will cost $4 x 1080 / 19 = $227.37

If you drive 480 miles, and you get 15 miles per gallon, this equals 32. If each gallon is $3.75 per gallon, times 32, this would equal $120 in gas money.

t will cost you the price of 55 gallons - whatever that price is.

1600/19 = 84.211 gallons (rounded) The cost is (84.211) times (whatever you pay for each gallon).

To figure this out, you would also have to know how many miles you drive with one gallon.

That depends on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, the cost of gas per gallon, and how you drive.

It depends on the price of gas. If gas costs $5/gallon, it would cost about $835.00 to go 5000 miles when your car get 30 miles to the gallon. If gas costs $3/gallon, it would cost about $500. cost = 5000/30 * cost-of-gas

At $2.75 per gallon, this trip will cost $147.32

1,200 miles at 12 miles per gallon = 100 gallons.100 gallons at $3.50 per gallon = $350 .

1115 miles divided by 15 mpg equals 74.33 gallons times 3.30 per gallon equals $245.29

It depends on how much a gallon of gasoline costs you. If you pay $2.75 per gallon, the 2,500 mile trip would cost about $491.07 at 14 mpg.

If gas cost $3.70 per gallon i have an 8 cylendar truck how much would it cost me to drive 266 miles

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