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it depends on what kind of system ps2 39.99 Xbox 360 59.99 ps3 59.99 wii 49.99

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Guitar Hero Metallica is currently $39.88 at Wal Mart and Game Stop.

Its around $40-$50 depending on your game system.

Not much at all really. the only time they ever advertised was for there guitar hero game ( Guitar Hero Metallica) and that advertisement only aired for just a week. so about hmmmm 1,000$ maybe 2,000$

In Guitar Hero 3, the God of Rock character is $20,000.

it depends on which guitar hero guitar hero 1 costs about 30$ guitar hero 2 costs about 40$ guitar hero 3 costs about 50$ guitar hero world tour- its depends on what you want for it just guitar,drums,mic,extra guitar for bass. It just depends.

i prefer guitar hero world tour because if ur a metallica fan, u can get guitar hero metallica and it would be compatible. rock band 2 is still cool because u can get a cymbal expansion set and get rock band beatles which i think will be kinda lame since i like metal.

Mine was around 50 to 60 dollars

Depends where you buy it. If you buy it from it cost $38.82, and if you buy if from it'll cost you $49.99.

No way is Guitar Hero better than Rockband (any Guitar Hero). In Guitar Hero it's just you and the guiter. In Rockband you can have up to 4 instruments going at the same time, or you can just play one instrument. Plus you can customize your own character. Rockband is head and shoulders above Guitar Hero. Dont listen to that at the top, Guitar Hero is way better. Rockband just copied off Guitar Hero. If it wasn't for Guitar Hero Rockband would never be out in da stores. Guitar Hero is much better......and they have come out with full band for guitar hero so guitar hero all the way.And plus, guitar hero has SO much better songs!!oh yah and you can customize your own character on world tour, metallica,van halen,and guitar hero 5 so take that rock band! Both of you are wrong rock band 2 is better even better graphics than guitar hero and rock band 1 and customize your characters and better gameplay and also the notes or cubes break.

Do your chores, and save your allowance ---- get money

Guitar Hero made around $2 Billion from all 5 Guitar Hero's in Activision alone neglecting the other sponsors of the newest/greatest hit in the gaming industry worldwide.

It depends. Harmonix created Guitar Hero 1, 2, and 80's. RedOctane/Activision created Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: World Tour. You can tell the difference by the graphics pretty much.

No. But it works much easier if you own the Guitar Hero World Tour band pack.

Guitar Hero 5 is going to cost $59.99.

The bundle with the guitar is $90.00.

Guitar hero 1 ranges from $20.00-$52.00 at 14 stores.

because they are 2 different games and the companys wouldn't make as much money if it worked.

If you mean Guitar hero 3, Cost me £25 for the solo with the guitar its around £50

At least $60.00 because they just put money into when you bought it.

probably right now its about in between 40.00$ to 50.00$ but

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