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Sell it for anywhere from $50.00-$150.00

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How much is a 14 karat gold chain necklace worth?

I just sold mine that was 14 karat yellow gold and i got 252.28 off of it.

How much is an 18 karat gold necklace worth?

That depends on the design (was it made by a famous jewelry designer?), weight (how much gold is there), and condition of the necklace.

How much is a 24 karat gold necklace worth?

Depends on how much it weighs and the price of gold at the time that you sell it

How much is 8.5 grams of 14 karat gold worth?

how much money can i get for 8.5 grams of 14 karat gold

How much is 3 grams of 14 karat gold necklace?

According to the current value of gold, 3 grams of a 14K gold necklace is worth $68.36. Keep in mind that the price of gold changes daily.

What does KTP mean on a gold necklace?

It could indicate KaraT Plated, meaning that the necklace is gold plated.

What is 18 karat gold plating over a 10 karat gold necklace?

10 karat is stronger because of its alloy ratio and 18 has a better shine and color, so what you have is a strong necklace that shines like pure gold.

What is a 14 karat gold necklace worth?

that depends on its weight minimum the going price x the weight for 14 carats

What is the weight of a gold necklace?

It depends on the karat a 16k is about 28 oz. of gold

How much money is 24 karat gold metal worth?

its is as much as 100000000000

What is the difference between 12 karat and 14 karat gold?

14 Karat gold contains more pure gold in it than 12 karat, and is therefore worth more money, however 12 karat gold is harder, so it will be more durable and less easy to scratch or damage.

How many grams is a womans's14 karat gold necklace that is 20 inches?

it can not be answered by length and karat. you need to weigh it.

What is 24KGB stamped on a gold necklace?

"24KGB" signifies 24 karat gold bonding, meaning another metal was coated with a thin layer of 24 karat gold.

How much is 4 oz of 14 karat gold worth?

How much is 1 oz of 14 karat gold worth

What does 24kGP means on a necklace?

24kGP means 24 karat Gold-Plated...the piece is made of a base metal that has been electroplated with 24 karat gold

What does 375 stamped on a necklace mean?

375 if stamped on a gold necklace means it is a 9 karat gold peice. commonly found in Australian and European gold jewelery.

Is a 10 karat gold necklace usually less expensive than a 14 karat one?

Ten karat necklaces will always be cheaper than 14 karat ones.

How much is a 2 grams of 14 karat gold worth?

2 grams 14 kt worth how much money

1 karat of gold worth?

A karat is a measure of purity, not weight when it comes to gold. A piece of jewelry with 1 karat gold would be 1/24th gold by weight.

How much is 23.5 grams of gold worth?

What purity of gold is it? (ex: 14 karat? 18 karat?)

Is a 14k gold necklace only made of gold?

No. 14 karat gold is about60% gold30% silver10% palladium

What karat of gold is worth most?

gold karats what are there values

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