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How much money is a laptop?

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The price of a laptop depends on your demands.

First,you ought to know you want which type of laptop.Then you can surf to some famous website to choose a laptop.

When you owning a laptop,you'd better buy a battery for backup.

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How much money is a pink little laptop?

probably 400 and something dollars.

How much money is a laptop mini?

That depends on what model or what company you wish to buy it from.

How much money is it to get more laptop memory?

you have to buy something like a hard drive to put more memory on your computer or laptop

How much can I buy a laptop computer?

If you have the money available you can purchase a laptop at your nearest Wal-Mart, or online at Both places offer a variety of laptop computers to choose from.

How much money would you have to pay a month to have a laptop on everyday?

I don't think you do pay for a laptop. but I'm not sure, I'm just a kid!

How much money is a HP laptop?

It really depends on the laptop. HP has a huge range of prices. You should check out their website to get accurate information on pricing.

Is scaleing your laptop for 300 dollars with the internet to much?

Yes it's a big waste of money with 300 dollars you could buy another laptop

Does Emma Watson have a laptop?

Yes, Emma does have a laptop with her, she has too much money, which make her really don't know how to spend on them. And the most expensive things that she had bought were a Toyota Prius car and a laptop

How much does a laptop stand cost?

Depending on the type you want, you can get a laptop stand for as little as $15. If you want to spend a little more money, you can buy laptop stands right up to about $65.

How much money would a pawn shop give you for a laptop?

greater than 1 dollar

What is the Best laptop for the money?

A Toshiba Satellite laptop is a great laptop for the money. This laptop offers portability as well as a small size. You can take it everywhere you go.

What is the name of the most expensive computer?

It is the thinest laptop by apple... also, my addvies is to by a laptop that isn't that much money and by a lot of memery and games... Sooo go to and google the thinest laptop in the world by apple...

How much money does an average laptop computer cost to run for a year?

Hmm. Some cost to 250$.

Should I buy a Nintendo DS or a Laptop?

Ask yourself these three questions, and you will know which to get.How much money do you have to spend? A laptop costs more money.How many people do you know have a DSi? It is much more fun playing with friends.Will you spend money regularly to buy new DS games? It can get boring if you only have a few games

I am thinking of buying a laptop but i don't have enough money my birthday is coming up soon should I tell people to get me some money for my birthday because I am saving up for a laptop or what?

you should act poor in front people, then go window shoppig a electronic store with your friends show your friends how much you desire for a laptop. this will imply your friends that you want a laptop.

Finding the Best Laptop for the Money?

Searching for a laptop can be a stressful thing to do, especially when you are on a restrictive budget. However, there are a few things that you can do to help find the best laptop for the money without stressing yourself out too much. First and foremost, you need to make a list of the basic functions you need in a laptop. Then, use that basic understanding to find laptops in your price range.

How much do a roll laptop cost?

how much roll laptop cost

How much money Laptops?

they come at all different prices it depends on the make and brand of which laptop you are planning to buy

How much money is a 24k gold laptop?

dont worry about it :P Plastic can't be plated even if you have enough money to waste on something so silly.

How much did the first laptop cost?

How much did the first Toshiba laptop cost

How much Is your Laptop worth?

my laptop cost 2768

How much money would you get for a laptop Acer aspire d257 intel n570 valu pawn in philippines?

You will get 50-100$

How much money will walmart give back for a used laptop?

Walmart does no buy used laptops. If you buy a laptop from them you have 15 days to return it. After that time you must contact the manufactures for warranty service.

Which laptop is the cheapest?

ACER is value for money.

Can someone get there money back on a laptop from PC world if the laptop is faulty?

yes, as long as you have a receipt