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Typically, you are looking to cover the cost of your plate. It also depends on how close the friend is to you, and the kind of wedding they are having. Some wedding gifts can range from $75-$200. If you are invited with a guest, remember to take that into consideration as well. You need to cover their cost in addition to your own.
It depends on your terms of relationship. If you are going on your best friend`s wedding then i think money no matters.There is no limit of money for wedding gifts, whatever you want to give your friend or relative you can give.I also want to tell you that you can suggest your friend or relative to purchase wedding invitations from 123WeddingCards from where he/she will get beautiful wedding cards at reasonable price; it can also be a good wedding gift.

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Q: How much money is appropriate for a wedding gift?
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What is the appropriate money gift for a wedding?

When giving a gift of money for a present it is completely up to you as to how much to give. Traditionally the money a couple receives from their wedding helps to set up their future life together. There are many things to consider: how close are you to the couple? how much did they give you at your wedding? what would be an appropriate amount to cover your meal expenses and add extra as a gift? I would however never give less than $100 or $200 for a wedding gift.

How much is an appropriate cash wedding gift from the brides brother?

No one should give more than they can afford for a wedding gift. The general monetary gift could be anywhere from $50 and up. If you are uncomfortable with giving money then buy them a gift.

How much money is appropriate for a wedding gift if unable to attend wedding?

A guest that is giving money should only give what they can and not over extend themselves. $50 is a decent amount. If you are closer to the person you can give $75 - $100.

How much money to give for a wedding gift?

recommend $100.

How much is appropriate for a wedding gift?

Many factors play into how much one should give as a wedding gift. The two most obvious include your relationship with the couple and what you can afford to give them.

How much money is appropriate for a wedding gift when the wedding is in the tropics?

It does not matter where the couple gets married and any amount of money a guest or parent gives the couple should be appreciated and a person should not over extend their financial limit.

How much money is appropriate for Christening gift from a Godparent?


How much money is appropriate for college graduation gift?


How much money is it customary to give as a gift at a Jewish wedding?

There is no specific custom as to the amount of a wedding gift. But money given at Jewish weddings is usually in multiples of 18.

How much money for engagement gift?

It is not necesary to give a gift for an engagement. Wait for the wedding , engagements can be broken.

How much money should you give a friends daughter for a wedding gift?


How much money do you give as a gift to your nephew and his bride at their wedding?

Generally $100

What is the correct amount of money for a wedding gift?

when giving money as a wedding present you should give what would be appropriate if you do not have much cash, $20.00 could be enough. It all depends on what you can give just as long as its at least $20.00. If you can give more then do it don't be stingy.

How much money is appropriate for a graduation gift?

i would say about 50-150 dollars

How much money does a best man give at a wedding?

* A Best Man at a wedding doesn't have to give any money. If you are talking about a gift then anything you can afford should be appreciated.

What is appropriate dollar amount for a wedding gift for a friend?

The rational I have always used when deciding how much to spend on a friends wedding gift is 'How much would I want them to spend on me?' Or 'How much do I think they would spend on me?' Which gives me an approximate figure to work with. For myself it also varies with how close I am to the friend and how well off I am financially at the time. The best indicator to whether or not you have spent enough money is when you give them the gift. If you are happy to give them the gift you have selected you know you have chosen wisely.

How much money is an appropriate wedding gift?

No gift is required for a wedding. Attendance or not. But it all depends on what you can afford. If that is $5, then do that if it is nothing and a card with well wishes do that. If it is $1000, can you be relative? Okay so seriously, give what you feel comfortable giving. My mom always gives $100 to her nieces and nephews. She lives in the Midwest and she can afford to give that.

How much money to give as a wedding gift?

It depends on how well u know the person and what your financial situation is.

How much money should a groomsmen spend for a wedding gift?

Let your pocket and your feeligs for the groom be your guide.

Do you purchase a bridal shower gift as well as the wedding gift from the wedding registry?

No. The bridal shower gift is from the wedding registry. There won't be much gifts left on the registry to give at the wedding. Most give cash at the wedding.

Name a wedding gift that the bride and groom can never have too much of?

Money, Towels, Dishes, Eating Utensils

How much money to couple in 40's for wedding gift?

There is no set minimum or maximum. It is what you can best afford.

How much is an appropriate cash wedding gift if you are a member of the bridal party?

As much as you can affored ,if you have the money you must give at the very least $300 to cover you dish and the gift . the wedding party cost about $100 a plate or more depending on size and expense of course , then again if you cannot afford to give alot then don't . do what is in your heart so you can keep her or him as a friend without down the road the will remind you of the cheap person you really are .

How much should you give as a monetary wedding gift for a neighbor?

Be sure first that the bride and groom have not got wedding registries at different stores and if they have you can go to any of those stores and buy a gift and forget giving money. If the bride and groom to be have requested a monetary wedding gift then anything from $50 up is just fine. Don't break the bank over it.

How much do you give a nephew for a wedding gift?

one hundred

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