How much money is being made by tree cutting in the rainforests?

There is no way to tell. Different forests exisat in different countries and when they are cut, they are for different purposes. For the most part, there is no real dollar value that can be assigned. A few square miles may be cut and used to grow crops, to graze cattle, or to build houses. But don't let that worry you. There are some things that many people don;t realize about "rainforests". One thing unique about this kind of environment is that they usually have a canopy. This is caused by hundreds of years of competition and natural selection between trees. Each one works to gather t he most sunlight. The ones that come out on top grow while the shorter one's don't get the sunlight they need and die. This causes the area beneath the canopy to not get any sunlight. There is usually little plant life between the trees and what there is, doesn't usually provide much food for animals. There are of course animals unique to these habitats that are adapted for this environment and these areas are largely unstudied so getting rid of them seems to be a shame and a waste. But the reality is that the areas are being used much more efficiently by having them burned down and allowing them to either start over, or become useful. The loss of many species while shameful, is no different than the other millions of species that have been lost throughout history. Please note that I am not making an argument supporting the senseless destruction of pristine habitats, but when it is going to be useful, there seems to be no reason not to use it. Climates and environments are always in a constant state of change. Those forests were once deserts, ocean bottoms, and one day will be again. Many of the species around today, and indeed, even ourselves would not have come about if it weren't for such destructive events occurring. The planet may be headed towards disaster in the long run, but the solutions will be in a combination of technology and regulated change, not conservatism.