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I personally do not have my cartilage pierced but most places do a piercing for free you pay the cost of the jewlery. My friend got hers done at piercing podoga and she payed $8.49, which is fairly cheap. I imagine it might cost more at a Tattoo and Piercing place but your better off going there just because piercing guns aren't actually too great for your ears.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-29 02:29:20
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Q: How much money is cartilage piercings cost?
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How much do cartilage piercings cost?

as in the outer edge of the ear? i got mine for AU $12.95 but if you are talking tragus and conch its more like AU $50-$60

How much will it cost to get cartilage pierced?

My cartilage piercing cost $30 plus the jewelry you choose.Phone them and ask25$

How much does it cost to have what if your helix pierced?

Helix piercings cost 50$

How much does a cartilage piercing cost?

mine cost $40

How much are eyebrow piercings cost?

roughly $50

How much do piercings cost in NJ?

Any where from 25 to 50

How much does it cost to get your cartilage?

It all depends on where you go.

How much do body piercings cost?

They cost from $20-$100. Depends where u go

How much does a piercing cost in port alberni?

all piercings cost different prices.

How much does a cartilage piercing cost in Southampton millennium?

Most places charge the cost of the piercing studs themselves. If getting only one piercing, its half the price plus a $2 separating charge. For cartilage piercings places such as Piercing Pagoda tend to charge an addition $2 cartilage charge Cartilage piercing is not permitted to be done with piercing guns in North America under most health regulations due to the inability of the stud to create a proper hole in the tissue and cartilage to allow the skin to heal the piercing in a timely fashion. Body piercing studios will charge more for ear cartilage piercings, however the added expense is well worth it in the end.

How much does side piercings cost?

In Most Piercing Shops, $20

How much is an industrial piercings in the UK?

I got mine done at my local tattoo shop for £40. They basically just doubled what any other cartilage piercing cost because she had to use 2 of everything but the bar.

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