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History of money The distribution of cash in the U.S. version has changed with the newer release versions. Older versions had a total of $15,140 in the following amounts/colors: 20 $500 Bills (orange) 20 $100 Bills (beige) 30 $50 Bills (blue) 50 $20 Bills (green) 40 $10 Bills (yellow) 40 $5 Bills (pink) 40 $1 Bills (white) The newer (Sept. 2008) editions have a total of $20,580, with 30 of each bill denomination. In addition, the colors of some of the bills have been changed; $10 notes are now blue instead of yellow, $20 notes are a brighter color green than before, and $50 notes are now purple instead of blue. Beginning the game

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What is game monopoly about?

To monopolis the game board and to get as much money as you could

How much money do each player get in speed game monopoly game?

same as regular monopoly. 1500 dollars

How much money is in the bank at the beginning of a Monopoly game?


How much money in monopoly bank the whole game?


How much money will be destibute in small Monopoly?

if you mean the game monopoly a good amount of money to start with for a quick game is 500 (5million in electronic banking)

Is Monopoly money legal currency?

No. Monopoly money is only legal tender in the Monopoly game.

What is the amount of money you get in a monopoly game?

You get 1000 dollars in a monopoly game

What is a monopoly money not referred to the board game money but like the world's monopoly money?


How much money per year is printed for the game Monopoly?

About $50 billion annually, according to a monopoly strategy book.

How much money is in the game Monopoly?

In the original Monopoly game, the bank held a total of $15,140. In editions produced 2008 or later, the bank hols $20,580.

Monopoly how much money do you get?

In Monopoly you get 1500 dollars.

How much money is the 1st ever Monopoly game worth?

£200s now not before

How much money do you need for monopoly?

$4,000. Do you mean how much money should there be in the whole game or do you mean how much each player would be comfortable with?

How much money do you give out in SpongeBob monopoly?

as much as you would in regular monopoly

When does a game of monopoly end?

A game of Monopoly ends when: 1- All players quit. 2- Everybody except one person loses all their money. 3- Nobody can remember how much money they owe the bank.

How much monopoly money do you pass out?

at the start of a game each player gets 2000 each

What are the money denominations in the monopoly game?


What is bankruptcy in monopoly?

When you run out of money in the game

How much play money is included with the game Monopoly?

A new Monopoly game contains the following amount of money: $500.00 = 20, $100.00 = 20, $50.00 = 30 $20.00 = 50, $10.00 = 40, $5.00 = 40 and $1.00 = 40.

How much money should each player get in monopoly?

Each player starts with $1500 in Monopoly money.

Does winner in monopoly game get more money?


How much money is in the monopoly bank?

Around $20,580 comes in monopoly sets

How much money do you start with for monopoly world edition?

Every player starts off with $2000.00 at the beginning of the game.

How long does a game of monopoly go for?

The game of monopoly end when a person wins! To win you have to have the most money out of every you can play till you want to. Or untill someone runs out of money....

How Much Money did monopoly make?