How much money is it to fill up a military jet?

Jets like F-16 consume 1 litre of fuel in 1.05km travelled

so if an F-16 travels 1000 km it consumed 950 litres of fuel

The problem is.. how much is 1 litre of fuel?

Lets say it cost $10(Aviation Gas) for 1 litre.

$10/litre multiplied by 950 litres of consumed fuel ( due to 1000km traveled )

$10 x 950 = $9500

You spend $9500 for an F-16 to travel 1000km

and that would take around 2 hrs if the F-16 speeds at Mach 1

the max speed of F-16 is Mach 2

Some sources claim 1 hr for F-16 is $4000

So 2 hrs = $8000 worth of gas

So our computation resulted into $9500 ( at $10/litre and 1000km distance)

where in F-16 drinks 1 litre for 1.05 km

Other sources claimed

1 hr for F-16 is $4000

so 2 hrs means $8000

So it costs

$8000 to $9500 for 2 hour F-16 flight


$4000 to $4750 for 1 hour F-16 flight

If you want to fly an F-16 for a target of 100 hours per year

$4000 x 100 = $400,000


$4750 x 100 = $475,000


Speed.. Accel.. Power High G turns

are not yet included.. Sources claim it consumes 30% more fuel

to perform a 1 hour dogfight than a 1 hour steady flight

due to many maneuvers