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According the Media Awareness Network, "It is estimated that the diet industry alone is worth $100 billion ( U.S.) a year."

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How much money is spent each year on fitness membership in the United States?

About 2.6 billion a year.

When did the United States start using paper money?

The first paper money used in the United States was in 1862!

How much money did it cost the United States to get the Jews out of Germnay?

The United States did not get the Jews out of Germany, so they spent no money on that.

Who do the US own the money to?

What is United States money?

How do you get membership on Club Penguin for coins?

That's an easy question to answer! You can't. Memberships run on money, not coins. The only reason memberships run on money is because Disney wants to make money.

Does poptropica cost money if you get the membership?

it costs money for the memberships not the gameNo it isn't.

Why in some memberships you have to pay money?

You need to pay more for some memberships because you get more months of being a member.

How does United States make their money?


What government agency is responsible for managing the money supply in the United States?

United States Department of the Treasury

What kind of money do people in Maui use?

united states money

What types of money sorter is available for men in the United States?

The most popular type of money sorter available for men in the United States would be the money sorter located within a bank. There are also money sorters located in stores such as Walmart that are used quite frequently by men in the United States.

How can a Romanian come to the United States?

Visa from the United States Embassy in Bucharest, passport, plane ticket and... money

What is the form of money in the United States?

dollars are the form of money in the USA today.

What is the main type of money in United States?

Dollars ($)

Most of the money the United States needed to fight World War I came from?

most of the money the united states needed to fight world war 1 came from

How does comparative advantage benefit the United states?

workers and business perople in the united states earn more money... I think!!

What was part of the Marshall Plan?

The United States sent money to Europe. The United States agreed to pay to rebuild Europe.

Does it cost money to become a member on fanpop?

No, Fanpop memberships are free.

What is the United States ranking of standard of living?

the standard of living in t he united states is very low people are very poor and the people of the united states are very money hungry

In Japan where did they get the money to industrialize?

They got money from other countries like the united states

Who approves the making of money?

Congress is the one who approves the making of money for the United States.

What is the type of money used in Peru?

the united states of america

What country spends the most money on advertising?

United States

What type of money does United States have?

cents, dimes, dollars

How websites makes money?

Usually through advertisements, and selling premium memberships

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