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10 percent if you are in a professional business environment where dresses matters a great deal otherwise you can scrape by 5 percent.

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How much Spending Money For Eating And Shopping?

if your single then you should spend at least 200 on food and 300 on clothes if you have a family of 4 or more then you should spend at least 600 to 700 a month on groceries and depending on the kid 150 a mounthe on colthes

How much money does a photographer make per month?

Not much if you are an amateur. The question should be how much money does a photographer spend per month!

How many clothes should you have?

It doesn't really matter how many clothes you have. As long as they fit. ; i agree just dont spend all your money on clothes

What does the average young adult spend on clothes per month?

30 a month

How much does an individual spend on clothes in a month?

In the US, the average individual is said to spend 72 US dollars on clothes in a month. This amount varies somewhat in large families where the average spend is 45 US dollars per month.

Do boys spend more money on clothes than girls?

No, they don't. Men will typically spend a bare minimum on clothing; for women, it seems to be a necessary part of life to buy new clothes at least once a month.

What did Henry VIII spend on clothes?

Henry spent a lot of money on clothes because he had the money to.

What is the average cost of clothes per month for a US female?

... this depends a lot on control of money and income; i wish i could spend around £800-£1300, but i would generally spend £500-£700 per month

What does the queen of England spend her money on?

her clothes!!!

How much money do Americans spend each year on toys?

we spend money on clothes now !! NOT TOYS

How does money does Selena Gomez spend on clothes?

she spend over 50,000 dollars

What type of money did they have in the 1900s?

the money they had were shillings and fathers to spend on clothes

How much does the average American spend on clothes each month?


I want cool clothes but I don't want to spend any money what should I do?

Okay, if you want clothes that are in dress up games you should lay all your clothes on your bed and then pick them out like a dress up game!!!!

What did Charles you spend his money on?

expensive clothes and paintings he liked.

What do teenagers usually spend on?

Teenagers spend a lot of money on clothes, and technology, and games, and tattoos

How much do women spend a year in clothing?

How much money do teens spend on clothes a year?

Do you spend much money clothes?

well i go to hollister for mu clothes, so kind of.

How much money does a person spend in one month on snacks?

$20-45 a month

How do you use moneys in a sentence?

"i spend my money on clothes and food for shelter."

How much money a month for gas?

I spend about $120. Canadian

How much money would you spend for a dog in one month?

u would spend $30

How much do people spend on clothes?

Well, an average American will spend about $1,550 a year, and at least $130 per month. wow.

What did people wear in 1991?

people sewed there clothes until they had money to spend

How much does a baby spend on clothes?

Well, they can't spend money on anything unless 1. they actually have their own money or 2. they can crawl REALLY fast.

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