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If there is pain and suffering involved, it depends on the type of treatment and for how long. the best thing to do is to call your car insurance company and ask.

first of all it depends on what type of treatment you are doing and for how long.

and it is not incorrect to say that the insurance just pays for the damages to car and medical bills, but what happens is that there are claim adjusters for your PIP #( the one that you have to give for any appointments and treatment to be billed to the insurance.) that determine whether or not you should get any you may or may not. but if you want to find out how much you will get call your car insurance so they can tell you.

Generally, a personal injury settlement is a lump sum and is intended to compensate the claimant for past & future medical expenses and wage loss and other, concrete damages as discussed below. What people don't often understand about "pain and suffering" is those damages are more difficult to prove because they're subjective and often unseen.

Pain and suffering is subjective and determined most often by lawyers and a judge during a trial. Insurance pays only for medical bills and repair of physical damage to your car. If you are looking for other reimbursement, you will need to speak with an attorney.

I believe if a person is in an auto accident and has pain and suffering, the compensation for that should be calculated by how long your in pain, and if any emotional or phycological probloms occured because of it. Answer

It is incorrect to say that Insurance pays only for medical bills and damage to car.

It varies slightly with each state, but the victim of a car accident is entitled to, medical, future medical, property damages, pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earning capabilities, and mental anguish. Fault affects who holds that liability. Some states also allow for compensation for damage to relationships, family inconveniences and lost ability to enjoy life.

There are lots of websites to help with "how to" determine reasonable amounts.

In the UK pain and suffering is known as general damages and is the actual pain and suffering an accident causes you. Of course - this might seem very difficult to quantify, but in truth it is not so complex. The first step is to show exactly what your injury was at the time of the car accident, the symptoms you have suffered to date and what the future holds for your recovery. This information is produced by a consultant medical expert of the correct discipline who has access to your GP and hospital notes and who examines you.

For example, if you suffered whiplash or back injury - this expert would be a consultant orthopaedic surgeon with a specialism in spinal injuries.

Your lawyer would then look at the injury describes and compare the injury to previous cases decided by the courts in the past for similar injuries.

To see examples of compensation amounts you can receive in a car accident see the link entitled "car accident compensation" and for the amounts of compensation for all manner of injury you could suffer in a road traffic accident see the related link entitled "compensation amounts". accident is an unintentional act. The only way you can receive anything for pain and suffering is to prove the other driver directly intended you harm.

The term accident is often synonymously used to describe a vehicle collision which can involve cars, bikes, pedestrians, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles (ie tractors), etc.

Assuming the question above is asking how to determine pain and suffering values: Pain and suffering, although having no specific requirements would fall within a range. The range is determined by the amounts of pain and suffering paid out on similar claims. Claims are awarded in court or determined by out of court settlement amounts. Asking an experienced attorney can help you determine the value of your case.

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Q: How much money will you get for pain and suffering in a car accident?
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What is average payout for pain and suffering from car accident?

The average payout for pain and suffering from a car accident is based on the type of injury and the duration of pain associated with the injury. Payouts also take into consideration the amount of time a person has been kept from their normal duties, such as a job. There is no set average payout for pain and suffering from a car accident and most states limit the amount of money a person can collect for this type of claim.

Can I get Pain and suffering compensation from deer accident?

Yes you should

How much do insurance comany pay for pain and suffering?

Insurance company is required to pay for actual damages. This means putting you back to where you were before the accident, not hitting the lottery to get something for nothing. There is no pain and suffering amounts.

Do you have to pay taxes on money from a lawsuit for pain and suffering?

It may depend on your particular state but, e.g., in Wisconsin money for pain and suffering is not taxable income.

Is it attempted murder if you shoot someone in the eye with pellet gun?

Probably not - if it was an accident. The shooter may be liable for all medical expenses and money for pain and suffering.

Will you receive settlement for pain and suffering due to auto accident which you got a broken nose and whip lash?

You may receive a settlement for pain and suffering due to an auto accident for which you got a broken nose and whip lash. An attorney will have to represent you at a hearing.

Why do football players get paid so much money?

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What are those sufffering an accident called?

A victim is someone that has suffered from an accident. Whether the injuries were serious or minor, the person that did not cause the accident is often entitled to damages and funds for pain and suffering.

How much money will you get for a rear end accident?

you will 'get' what you are owed/due to put you and your vehicle in pre accident condition........cost to repair your vehicle to pre loss condition or if totaled the actual cash value of your vehicle...reasonable medical expenses, loss of wage (dr. ordered) and pain and suffering for your injury.

How much money will Geico pay for pain and suffering?

As little as possible while taking as long as possible. Hire a lawyer.

In California if you do not have auto insurance and you are involved in an accident that is not your fault does the insured at fault have to pay your medical and or pain and suffering?

California law restricts owners and operators of motor vehicles injured in a motor vehicle accident from recovering compensation for pain, suffering, inconvenience, physical impairment, disfigurement, and other non-pecuniary damages if the injured person was not insured at the time of the accident

How much is pain and suffering in California?

There are no set laws or pricing metrics for pain and suffering in California. A jury or judge looks at all the facts, and sets an amount based on their own individual judgment of a pain and suffering case in California.

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What is the minimum amount of for pain suffering and lost wages from a car accident if you are the passenger in the state of Texas?

It depends on how much someone is being sued for, if someone wants five dollars, then the minimum is five.

What are you entitled to sue for if you are not at fault in an accident?

If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault you can sue on several grounds. Damages to the vehicle if you owned it. Medical bills if injured, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc.

Should you receive payment for being in an accident?

yes you should get reembursed for the damages and you can sue for pain and suffering. but only if it wasn't your fault

Will your own insurance company pay you pain and suffering if you were at fault in the accident?

Your own underinsured / uninsured (UM) policy is designed to pay to you, the policy holder, if an uninsured or underinsured person is at fault and causes injury to you but that's only if the other driver was at fault and you were injured. If you injured yourself in the accident (you were at fault), then your insurance will NOT pay pain and suffering awards. If they did, there would be many, many, many people who would stage accidents to 'injure' themselves and then claim pain and suffering awards.

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Who would be liable for medical bills and pain and suffering for a car accident with someone else's car?

the 'at fault' party's insurance would be liable for the pain and suffering, the policy of the vehicle you are in if they have med pay (or manditory p.i.p in some states) will cover med bills as well....

How does progressive calculate pain and suffering?

I was injured in a car accident...I was the passenger....I got 4 broken rib's.....2 week's lost wages.

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