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Go to and use their College MatchMaker search engine. You can research colleges by name, major, and geographical area. The site will give you an over-view of each school including tuition and fees, room and board etc.


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Q: How much money will you need to go to college at Louisiana State University?
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How much money does it cost to attend college at Oklahoma State University?

in state... about 5,000 for tution books fee's ect

How much money does it cost to attend college at Ohio state university per a year?

18,000 pounds

Is it better to attend a university or a community college?

If money is of no worry, a university (i.e. Duke, The University of Southern California, Michigan State University, etc.) is always the better choice. Going to a community college will allow a similar education to be learned without the cost.

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When students receive money to play a particular sport at a college or university it is an example of aid.?

When students receive money to play a particular sport at a college or university, it is an example of _____ aid. n…

Is a degree from Redding University accepted at Mississippi Valley State College?

No, a degree from Redding University is not worth the paper it's printed on. It claims to be accredited, but the accrediting organization it references is bogus. Do not waste your money on them!

Is it strange for college and university students to not have summer jobs?

Not if you have enough money.

How much money does it cost to attend college at Virginia State University?

Virginia State UniversityPetersburg, VirginiaAnnual College Costs (Fall 2009)In-state tuition and fees: $6,174Out-of-state tuition and fees: $14,236Room and board: $8,050Books and supplies: $900Estimated personal expenses: $775For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section.

Was stimulus money given to Oregon State University?


Did Oregon state university get stimulus money?

yep you bet

What college generates most money from sports?

Ohio State

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How much money does it cost to attend college at Ohio State University?

You pay Between $8,000 - $9,000 In-State undergraduate tuition fees:Up to $10,000In-State graduate tuition fees:Up to $15,000Out of State undergraduate tuition fees:Up to $25,000Out of State graduate tuition fees:Up to $25,000

How can you raise money for a college radio station for new equipment?

have a donation drive, ask listeners to donate money for new equipment. NPR does its fund raising drives why can't you. Cleveland State University does one for its radio station

What is the name of the application you file to receive money from the government to pay for college in california state university monterey bay?

You are likely referring to the FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Student Aid)

How does Louisiana make money?

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How much would money would you earn after college?

-£9000 every year. university costs

How much money is it to go to Oregon State University?

88000 a year with no scholorship

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What college football program makes the most money?

Ohio state Definitely Ohio State hands down.

What are some differences between a teacher in a community college and a teacher in a university setting?

they make more money