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How much money would 100 dollars Canadian be in Fiji?


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2008-07-24 10:52:09
2008-07-24 10:52:09

About 148 Fiji Dollars.


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As of 10/29/2010, it would be worth $2.69 USD.

The President of Fiji makes $700,000 per year in Fiji dollars, which is the equivalent to $400,000 US dollars.

They dont use bird feathers as money. Fiji have its own curreny. The Fiji Dollar. $1.00FJD=100cents.

Nautica Fiji Duvets are a great buy,and a value for the money.

As of November 6, 2008, One Fiji dollar is worth .6618 Canadian dollar. Or: One Canadian dollar is worth $1.5110 Fiji dollar.

As a resident of other country while carrying a Fiji Passport, a PR person can stay as long as they like in Fiji since they are still Fiji Citizens.

from the Ongatago Money trees in Fiji

No, Fiji is a country of its own with its own President, Government, Money and Laws.

Fiji uses the Fiji Dollar, although the Australian Dollar is widely accepted _______________________________________________ Fiji is a country of its own with its own jurisdiction and legislation. Fiji uses the Fiji Dollar. $1.00=100cents. Fiji monetary unit is $FJD

Currently, Fiji is looking at $1.2 billion (US Dollars) caused by the evironmental issued.

Fiji is a English speaking nation, Fiji money is the dollar $FJD $1.00=100cents Its called my Bumhole!! YOLO

Ask the Canadian Embassy responsible for Pacific Region located in Australia because Fiji Immigration is simple, 3 month visa that can be extended upon expiring and proof of fund.

No. Before Independence from Britain Fiji uses pounds. After Independace Fiji had its own currency the Fiji Dollar $FJD. $1.00=100cents.

Depending, as long as they are not fake. There is alot of currency exchange around Fiji.

The GDP of Fiji is almost 5 billion a year since 2008.

some company in england

Yes, only if it is served with a slice of beef.

FIJI Water is a private company, and thus does not disclose its financial statements.

Ever since the British lay eyes on Fiji. Fiji have been using British currency back in the olden days until October 10th 1970 when Fiji gained Independence from Britain.

well since Fiji is an Island. I would say Africa.

Fiji is an English speaking nation. If you are referring to Fijian it would be - Tolo mai = pronounced as - Toe/Low/My(i). In Fiji-Hindi it would be = Jaldi Karo.

A permanent resident of any other country whose still carrying a Fiji Passport can enter Fiji and stay in Fiji for as long as they want since "it" is still a Fijian citizen. Permanent Residents whose holding other countries password can stay in Fiji for a period of 3months and can be extended at any Immigration Office in Suva, or Lautoka. A permanent resident shall carry its identity cards with them at all times as Fiji customs require such thing for identification. Failure to show a "Permanent Residence Card" will have the traveller removed and isolated for questionning. The American Embassy is always noted on such matter as Fiji dont have a Canadian Embassy.

The name of Fiji's money or currency is the Fiji Dollar $1.00=100cents FJD$ In all of the Fiji currency is the head of her majesty Queen Elizabeth ii. Fiji has no 1cent (penny) and 2cents they were got rid by the government as they were made out copper and expensive to make. The Fijian money starts at 5cents, 10cents, 20cents, 50cents, a dollar coin, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 note. Fiji also accepts many foreign countries exchange.

It would be the 10th of October, 1970, when Fiji gained it's independence

To answer this would require a book.

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