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== Key findings:[7] (Not adjusted for increase in refusals to reply)== the proportion of the population that can be classified as Christian has declined from 86% in 1990 to 77% in 2001; although the number of adults who classify themselves in non-Christian religious groups has increased from about 5.8 million to about 7.7 million, the proportion of non-Christians has increased only by a very small amount - from 3.3% to about 3.7%; the greatest increase in absolute as well as in percentage terms has been among those adults who do not subscribe to any religious identification; their number has more than doubled from 14.3 million in 1990 to 29.4 million in 2001; their proportion has grown from just 8% of the total in 1990 to over 14% in 2001; there has also been a substantial increase in the number of adults who refused to reply to the question about their religious preference, from about four million or 2% in 1990 to more than eleven million or over 5% in 2001.

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Why are there few Muslims in the Americas?

There are a lot of Muslims in the Americas. There are not that many Muslims in the Americas because Islam has not spread that far, Christianity has because of when Europe had it's colonies in the Americas, which explains the large christian population.

How much of the Canada's population is Christian?

About 65% of Canada's population describes itself as Christian.

How much of the US population is Christian?


How much of the population is Christian?

About 2.1 billion people of earth are christian. So about 33%.

What is the average population density of the Americas?

Americas population reaches to a top of 300 million,

How much is 64 percent of Americas people?

64 percent. Or .64 of the whole population.

How much of Frances population is christian?

54% of the population of France adheres to some sect of Christianity.

Largest christian high school in Americas?

national hispanic christian leadership

How much percentage is chrishtian population in the world?

About 33% of the world is Christian.

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Which option best describes the population of the Americas prior to the arrival of Columbus?

It was much larger than that of Europe

What is the population of DKMS Americas?

DKMS Americas's population is 30.

What was the population of the Americas in 2000?

about 2,5000

How much of the US is Christian?

76% of the population, or around 230 million people.

How much of the population of Italy is christian?

Very low like 1.00 %- 5.00 %

What percent of the population in Italy is Christian?

Approximately 91% of the population is Christian.

How much does Venezuela's population grow a year?

This website will tell you:

What is Christian Vision for Men's population?

Christian Vision for Men's population is 8.

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Christian Book Distributors's population is 500.

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LifeWay Christian Resources's population is 4,500.

What is the most popular religion in Australia?

Pretty much most of the population is catholic or christian.

What is population size?

300,567,234million people in Americas

Where is most of south Americas population?

in my house

What percentage of the Canadian population is Christian?

Approximately 75 percent of the population claim to be Christian.

What is the population of Christian Dior S.A.?

Christian Dior S.A.'s population is 76,000.