How much of a gallon of milk is water?


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It Goes Like This>kida hard to explain< Milk Is Taken From The Dairy Farm To The Milk Company. No Water Is Added. It Goes Through All The Filterlng, Pasturising, Ect. Then It Is Ran Into A Filter That Removes The Butterfat. Then If You Get 2% Milk They Add Back Into The Milk 2% Of The Butterfat It Would Have Had. In Whole Mil;k They Add All The Butterfat That Is Natural To The Milk. Skim Has No Butterfat Added. The Only Water That Is There Is What Mother Nature Added. But You Know There Is Water There. How Much, I Don`t Know. I Hope This Helped

Whole milk is generally about 87% water. The rest of it is made up of milkfat and NMS, or Non-fat Milk Solids (proteins, lactose, etc).

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About 8 pounds. That's as much as a gallon of fresh water

The weight of a gallon of milk is only slightly greater than a gallon of water, about 3% more. A US gallon with 2% milkfat weighs about 8.4 pounds, compared to 8.6 pounds for "whole milk" and 8.35 pounds for a gallon of water. Milk is 87 % water, thus a gallon of milk will not differ from milk much. The 8.6 lbs/gal factor (whole milk) is correct. The weight increases as fat is removed. By weight: Milk : 8.6 lb/gallon Condensed milk : 9.4 lb/gallon Cream 8.28 lb/gallon * The British or Imperial Gallon is defined as exactly 10 pounds of water. You can convert the above figures by using 1 Imperial Gallon = 1.201 US gallons.

How much did a gallon of milk cost in 1949?

Nonfat milk is very close in density to water which weighs 8 pounds per gallon.

A gallon of whole milk weighs 8.63lb per gallon. Water weighs about 8.33 lbs per gallon so milk weighs about 5 ounces more per gallon than water.

A gallon of milk. Milk is denser than water, and water is 1kg per litre. Since 1 pound is equal to 0.45359237 kg, and a gallon is much more than a litre, a gallon of milk must weigh more than a pound. A gallon of milk weighs 8.6 pounds, 860% the weight of a pound of flour.

Gallon of Milk: .56&cent; Half Gallon of Milk: .28&cent; Found at:

find an empty gallon of milk bottle. There you are.

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In 2002, a gallon of milk was $2.50

Cost of a gallon of milk: $1.07

A gallon of milk cost $2.99-$3.70.

8.35 lbs. A gallon is a gallon. Oil is not heavier than milk or water it is still a gallon.

in 1950 a gallon of milk costed 0.84 in 1950 a gallon of milk costed 0.84

the thing that weighs a gallon is a gallon of WATER or a gallon of milk.

An Imperial gallon of milk is approximately 10 pounds.

a gallon of vitamin d milk cost $1.05 per gallon

You did not buy milk by the gallon back then, you got milk by milking a cow.

3volumes is in a gallon of milk you see the concept is to introduct it so their is you answer!

A Gallon of regular milk costed about $1.15 in the year 1970.

the milk was so bad so no one would buy it,but it was 1.89 a gallon of milk.

How much deos milk cost in pennsylvania

Half of a gallon container. Milk usually comes in gallons, by the way.

In the US, the standard sizes are a pint, quart, half gallon and gallon.

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