How much of a gallon of milk is water?


It Goes Like This>kida hard to explain< Milk Is Taken From The Dairy Farm To The Milk Company. No Water Is Added. It Goes Through All The Filterlng, Pasturising, Ect. Then It Is Ran Into A Filter That Removes The Butterfat. Then If You Get 2% Milk They Add Back Into The Milk 2% Of The Butterfat It Would Have Had. In Whole Mil;k They Add All The Butterfat That Is Natural To The Milk. Skim Has No Butterfat Added. The Only Water That Is There Is What Mother Nature Added. But You Know There Is Water There. How Much, I Don`t Know. I Hope This Helped

Whole milk is generally about 87% water. The rest of it is made up of milkfat and NMS, or Non-fat Milk Solids (proteins, lactose, etc).