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According to, about 1/3 of the volume and 1/2 of the surface area of the Aral Sea, located in Uzbekistan, has dried up because of diversion by farmers of the two sources (the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers) that feed it.

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Q: How much of the Aral Sea has dried up?
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Why has so much of the Aral Sea dried up?

the aral sea is drying up because the rivers that flow into it are now cut off from it for errigation

How has the Aral Sea changed in recent decades?

dried up init

What was the second largest lake in Asia?

The Aral Sea, before most of it dried up.

Is aral sea freshwater or saltwater?

It is now almost dried up. The remains are salty.

Why is the Aral sea drying up?

the aral sea is drying up due to over-irrigation on the yellow river.

What sea in Russia is drying up because of the irrigation?

Aral SEa

Witch Asian sea is drying up?


The Aral Sea is shrinking rapidly and may someday disappear completely the sea crosses the borders of two countries?

The Aral Sea is a saltwater lake which spans the borders of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The Aral Sea is drying up due to irresponsible irrigation .

Where is the Aral Sea located and why is it shrinking?

The Aral Sea is an endorheic (dead end) lake in western Asia, on the border between Kazakhstan and northwestern Uzbekistan. More than 80% of the lake area has dried up due to the diversion of water from the rivers that feed the lake, notably by the Karakum Canal completed in 1988.

What body of water began to dry up after the Soviet Union diverted water for irrigation from the rivers flowing in to it?

Aral Sea Caspian Sea

What fertile area has been a center of farming in Central Asia for years?

Uzbekistan. The Aral Sea has been drying up and farmings used two rivers that send water to the Aral Sea. Those two rivers are Amu Darye and Syr Darye.

Where is 45N latitude and 60E longitude?

That point is roughly in the middle of the blue area on maps labeled the Aral Sea, although the sea itself has largely dried up. The sea forms the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, but my map doesn't show the boundary line where there should be water, so I can't say which of those two countries the point is in.

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