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How much of the Aral Sea has dried up?

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According to, about 1/3 of the volume and 1/2 of the surface area of the Aral Sea, located in Uzbekistan, has dried up because of diversion by farmers of the two sources (the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers) that feed it.

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the aral sea is drying up because the rivers that flow into it are now cut off from it for errigation

The Aral Sea, before most of it dried up.

the aral sea is drying up due to over-irrigation on the yellow river.

The Aral Sea is a saltwater lake which spans the borders of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The Aral Sea is drying up due to irresponsible irrigation .

The Aral Sea is an endorheic (dead end) lake in western Asia, on the border between Kazakhstan and northwestern Uzbekistan. More than 80% of the lake area has dried up due to the diversion of water from the rivers that feed the lake, notably by the Karakum Canal completed in 1988.

That point is roughly in the middle of the blue area on maps labeled the Aral Sea, although the sea itself has largely dried up. The sea forms the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, but my map doesn't show the boundary line where there should be water, so I can't say which of those two countries the point is in.

Uzbekistan. The Aral Sea has been drying up and farmings used two rivers that send water to the Aral Sea. Those two rivers are Amu Darye and Syr Darye.

it is an ancient sea that has dried up, and left behind the flat terrain.

It uses a lot of chemicals like pesticides which are bad to the environment. It uses a lot of water, 925 gallons to be sure. The Aral Sea in Russia, which was one of the world's largest freshwater lakes, has practically dried up due to water being diverted for cotton irrigation.

Yes Vozrozhdeniya Island (Russian: Остров Возрождения, Ostrov Vozrozhdeniya), also known as Rebirth Island, was an island in the Aral Sea. Vozrozhdeniya was once a small island; however, the island began to grow in size in the 1960s as the Aral Sea dried up due to its feeder rivers being dammed by the Soviet Union for agricultural projects The shrinkage of the Aral continued and accelerated, and Vozrozhdeniya became a peninsula in mid-2001 when the channel to its south dried up completely and became a land bridge. [2] Upon the disappearance of the Southeast Aral Sea in 2008, Vozrozhdeniya effectively ceased to exist as a distinct geographical feature. from wikipediaCall of Duty Wikia info Vozrozhdeniya (Also known as Rebirth Island) (Russian: 'Остров Возрождения') is an island that is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is the location of the mission "Rebirth". According to a file in the "Rebirth" cutscene, the Soviet base was established on the island in 1948 as a secret Soviet bioweapons facility which tests a variety of biological agents including anthrax, plague, brucellosis, and tularemia. During the Cold War, the base on the island was used by the Soviets to further develop the German biochemical weapon Nova 6.

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"We can't just pretend she didn't disappear from right in front of our eyes." "The Aral Sea in western Asia is drying up and might disappear completely." "Some stains in clothing will disappear with normal washing."

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