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10% of the earths water supply is suitable for drinking.

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Q: How much of the earth's water supply is suitable for drinking?
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How much water is suitable for drinking water?

Only 1 percent of earths water is suitable to drink with 97 percent saltwater and 2 percent in icecaps.

What kind of water is suitable for drinking?

Water supplied or sold as "drinking water".

What is water that is suitable for drinking?

Potable water

Why isn't river water suitable for drinking?

river water isn't suitable for drinking because it isn't clean

Is water kept in plastic bottles suitable for drinking?

Water kept in plastic bottle is most definitely suitable for drinking :)

How much of the earth water is suitable for drinking water?

If you took a baseball and put a drop of water from an eyedropper on it that is how much water that is suitable for drinking on earth

Does the water cycle use up earths water supply?

Yes water cycle use up earths supply. Water is evaporated from earth's surface.

What is the name for water suitable for drinking?


Why is sea water not suitable for drinking?

Sea water is not suitable for drinking due to its high concentration of salt. This will rapidly cause dehydration and death if drank.

How much of the earths water is fresh water and how much is for drinking?

3% is fresh, but 1% is for drinking.

Why PVC pipes use for drinking water supply?

PVC pipes do not corrode, hence these are used for drinking water supply.

What is the name of the earths water supply?


What is the name of the earths supply of water?


What percent of the earths water can be used for drinking?


Why might earths supply of frozen water be considered as a source of drinking water in the future?

Global warming is causing it to turn in to water , there's will be larger bodys of water etc basically yeah

How much of the earths water is drinking water?

Only about 3% of the Earth's water is drinking water. (From lakes, rivers, glaciers, etc)

How much of the earths water supply is groundwater?


What is the names for earths supply water?

its called hydrospere

What is most of earths water used for?

Drinking . (: -Indira Waters

Is it true people are major polluters of earths fresh water supply?

People are major pollutors of Earths fresh water supply.

How much of the worlds water is suitable for human consumption?

3% of the earths water is freshwater.

Does Romania have a short or large supply of drinking water water?

Noe Romania has a normal supply of drinking water; problems are in extreme drought or strong frosts case.

How does the Mississippi supply drinking water?

yes jetqgrfwcji

Do they have fluoride is in your water supply and what the concentration of fluoride in your drinking water is?


What has the author K L N Reddy written?

K. L. N. Reddy has written: 'Economics of rural drinking water supply' -- subject(s): Drinking water, Water supply, Rural, Rural Water supply