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10,000,000 L in the human body depending on how fat your mother is.

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How Do You tell If A Eastern Water skink is a male or female?

A male skinks body is more drarker then a female eastern water skink

How do the sperms from the male body travels and fuses with the egg of the female body?

The male and female will have to get married.

Is a water buffalo male or female?

A water buffalo may be either male or female.

How do you know if a dragonfly is a female or male?

by the shape of there body a female is long and a male is short

What a Percent of water in male body?

What percent of the water in male body?

How does the chromosomes effevt the human body?

Chromosomes effect the body by telling it if you will be male of female. XX is the chromosome for a female and XY is for male.

Two places in the body where meiosis occurs?

Only one place in the body of a male and one place in the body of a female. Testicles in the male and ovaries in the female.

What makes up 60 of the human body weight?

The average male is 60% water. The female 50%

What is the difference between a male and female comet goldfish?

the female goldfish has a rounder or bigger body than the male while the male has a slim body

How many water is in a human body?

The percentage of water in the human body differs with age and gender. A newborn infant is about 80% water. An adult female is about 60% water. And an adult male is about 70% water.

How do you make a male dog?

You don't make a male dog, the male and female breed and then the body makes the pups into either male or female

How do you know if your water snail is a female or a male?

Snails are not male, nor female. They are hermaphrodites.

Approximately what fraction of a persons body weight is composed of water?

In an adult male it can be as much as 60% by weight. In females the proportion is lower.

Which body system different male from a female?

Mainly the reproductive system is different for male than female.

How can you tell if a Yeti crab is a male or female?

the male has triangular body

What organ does urine exit the female body?

From the same place it exits the female body: the urethra. The male and female bodies are actually very similar in this regard; most female and male reproductive organs have a counterpart in the other sex. The main difference is that female organs are mostly inside the body, while male organs are mostly outside the body.

Female angel reincarnate to male body?

For people who believe in reincarnation, a soul may be reborn in a male or female body. Angels are spirits and are not reincarnated.

Is a male cricket bigger than a female cricket?

A male and female cricket are roughly the same size. The only way to tell a male from a female is that a female has a slightly different body shape.

What is a male and a female in one body?

an organism having both male and female reproductive organs is called hermaphrodite.

Why is a male a male and a female a female?

Females and males possess different body parts and hormones, simply put.

How do you tell the sex of a California alligator lizard?

The head of the male is usually larger and broader than the female. The male has an angular body and the female has a round body.

What are differences between a male and female lion cub?

Male lion cubs have spots on their body, female lion cubs have regular fur with no spots on their body

How do you tell if a cockroach is a male or female?

Male cockroaches are smaller in size than female&male cockroaches have anal styles from 9th segment of their body while female don't.

What happens during external fertilization?

external fertilization is the fusion of the male and female gametes outside the body of the female i.e in an external medium like water.

How do you know if a moth is a male or female?

A Male moth has a more broader body than a male