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I wouldn't disclose anything that isn't asked. However ... If they ask if you have a criminal background of any kind you need to tell them. You can't lie. If the job is in banking and they need a credit check and you've filed bankruptcy then they have a right to know that, unfortunately. You NEVER *have to* disclose information such as past relationship history, your marital status, information about your kids, why you decided to move to another state, etc. If you're trying to "hide" a past job, beware. I applied for unemployment compensation last year and the employment commission interviewed me and the rep had my EXACT employment history from the past TWENTY YEARS!!!!! ~ T

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โˆ™ 2005-12-18 18:57:17
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Q: How much of your past do you legally need to disclose at an interview if it is not related to the job description?
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