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1 Quart onbikes 49cc how do check the grear oil

stokes. Not sure about 2 strokes

2 stroke dirt bikes you Must mix the gas and oil in the take. 50:1 the back of the oil bottle will tell you how many ounces of oil to add to a certain amount of gas to make it the ratio you want. another oil in a 2 stroke would be the gear oil. it requires about 1 U.S. Quart. in the crank cases. this should be changed every 2 weeks of hard riding.

under a litre is not the correct amount, it depends mainly on the year and size of the motor, older motors generally chew through more oil than newer bikes and old 250cc bikes can hold upto around 1.5ltr to 2.0ltr, best way to do a check is to use the dipstick on the oil fill point to make sure, start with a quart(just under 1ltr) than recheck as you top up, if there is no full line on the dipstick usually it is to the upper markings is the full point, i'd advise not to go under halfway on the markings. If you experience lack of acceloration after fill then you have added too much.

For 2stroke read above comment but beware the mix ratio on the back of the bottle is a generic ratio and is not for all motors, start with a small amount of fuel like 1ltr and try 25:1( 40ml to a litre of fuel) and start the bike and warm it up to operating temp, if the bike has a lot of smoke after warm up then goto 50:1(20ml to a litre) than repeat and never go over 50:1 or under 25:1 on motorbikes. read the manual for correct amount.Zoo minne bik

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Q: How much oil do you use in a dirt bike?
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