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How much oil does a 1992 Honda CB750 need?

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3 us quarts/with filter change(2.8 without)

2008-07-14 03:24:51
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How much oil do you need for an oil change for a cb750?

For a 1992 Honda CB750: At draining: 2.9 U.S. quarts At oil filter change: 3.2 U.S. quarts At disassembly: 4.0 U.S. quarts

Can a 1992 Honda Civic automatic transmission fit a 1992 Honda Accord LX with an automatic transmission?

No it will not interchange. You need an Accord transmission from a 1990-1993.

Does a 1992 air box of a Honda fit a 1987 Honda?

The answer is no it won't fit. You need an air intake box from a 1986-1989 Accord.

Need a vacuum pipe diagram for a 1992 Honda Ballade 150 16v carburetor?

vacuum pipe diagram for honda ballade 150 carburator

How much oil do you need for a 2006 Honda Rebel?


Does a 1992 Honda Civic alternator need to be timed?

hey, this is a easy answer? (NO)! why would you time it?? all it does is charge the battery!

How much oil goes in the honda power washer pump?

Honda K2400HH pressure washer pump how much oil do you need to put back in

How much oil does a 2005 Honda shadow need?

2.54 quarts

How much oil does a Honda accord 1998 need?

4 quarts

How much oil does a 1986 Honda trx200sx need?

1.7 quarts

Do 1994 Honda Civic seats fit into a 1990 Honda Civic?

they might need a little modification, but probably not much.

What type of oil does a 1992 Honda Prelude need?

i would use 5w30 or a 10w 30 Vavoline conventional or max life

How much oil do you need for a oil change on a Honda valkyrie?

3.7 litres

How much brake fluid would a Honda need?

It would depend on what you were doing

How much oil does a 2002 Honda vfr800 interceptor need?

3.3 quarts

How much gasoline does a Honda rubicon 500 need and how much fuel stabalizer is needed?

4 gallons

How do install a clock on the 1992-1995 Honda Civic?

92-95 Civic is a time machine. You do not need a clock, you need a calendar and the biggest spoiler you can find. XvoltM2

Why does your 1992 Honda Accord hesitate at high speeds?

Might need new spark plugs and maybe spark plug wires too.

How much oil does a 1998 Honda accord need for a total oil change?


How much oil does a 1993 1100 vtc Honda shadow need?

3.3 qts

Can a 98 Honda Civic lx be turboed?

Yes, there are multiple companies offering turbo kits for Honda civics, You just need to find out how much you want to spend and how much power you are looking for.

How much oil does a 2002 Honda accord lx need?

4.5 Quarts with filter change.

How much oil does a 1992 voyager need?

5 quarts with filter change

How much transmission fluid honda accord?

If you have completely drained the transmission fluid in the Honda Accord, you will need to refill with 3 quarts. If the car is a manual, you may only need to put in 2. 5 quarts.

How much oil goes in your Honda accord 2005?

05 accord v6 need 4.5 quarts.