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Specific Fluid Quantities for a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim Fuel 60 litres Cooling System 2.5L Engine 8.5 Litres 3.0L Engine 9.0 Litres Engine Oil - Without filter 3.8 Litres with filter 4.3 Litres

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Q: How much oil goes in a 1994 Plymouth acclaim?
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How much oil goes into a 1995 Plymouth acclaim?

4.5 quarts

How much oil goes in a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim?

approx. 4.5 litres give or take.Start with 4 litres then check. If still low but reading on stick add half litre till full.

How much would it cost to replace a blown head gasket for a 1992 Plymouth acclaim?

4 cyl -650 6 cyl-950 if heads are ok

Where are the 3 spark plugs located in rear of 1992 Plymouth acclaim 6-cylinder?

It is much easier to reach them if you remove the air filter box itself. They are basically opposite the front ones.

How much oil goes into a 1994 Honda shadow vt 1100?

4.5 qrts

How much engine oil goes in a 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

Most engines take 4 qts, 4.5 qt with filter.

How much transmission fluid goes in a 1992 Plymouth voyager?

Filter service is about five quarts. Total capacity is almost nine quarts.

How much should a mechanic charge to replace a fuel pump in a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim?

I will say about 5 hr of work and shop price around $90.0 pr hr. I bay the pump For $ 164.0 the bill was about $ 614.0 + tax the are only approximate price. You must shop around for a mechanic shop maybe you pay more pr hr maybe less.

How much is a new computer for a 2000 Plymouth breeze?

how much is a new computer or pcm for a 2000 Plymouth breeze

How much air goes in tires on a 1996 Plymouth breeze?

Recommended tyre pressures are usually marked on the walls of tyres near the brand name.

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How much is a 1972 Plymouth Volare worth?

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Your 92' Plymouth acclaim just reves up while driving and wont shift you changed the fuel filter and suggestions?

CHANGE THE TRANNY FLUID AND FILTER................ If that doesnt work then you need to change out the Transmisson cables. They should be about...ohhh 50 or 60...thats how much mine was.

How much transmission fluid go's in a 1989 Plymouth acclaim?

4 1/2 quarts of dextron III, after changing the filter and pan gasket (check while running, in park, after first shifting through all gears for a minimum of 3 seconds each)

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How much R12 goes into air con on a Honda Civic 1994?

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How much does a 1987 Plymouth Voyager weigh?

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Where can you find the wiring schematics for the 1989 Plymouth acclaim engine harness?

I own a '91 Plymouth Acclaim and have had great help from the web site. They have parts (component) location diagrams, wiring diagrams, troubleshooting guides, installation and excellent repair instructions, and much more. No I do not work at Auto Zone and I am not a mechanic - not even close - but I have been able to change the oxygen sensor and throttle position sensor and I well on my way to pulling the gas tank and changing the fuel pump. Oh, and the best part is it's free! For the first time in my life I have found help with my car that doesn't require me to purchase anything. Honestly, I am impressed with this site. The '89 Acclaim engine harness diagrams are at Good Luck.

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How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a '92 Plymouth Acclaim?

Theres a pulley tensionor, loosen the bolts to it, pull it tight and retighten bolts, but dont over tighten the belt... there should be alittle play but not much, because if its to tight, it can break, to lose and it will come off, once you tighten tensionor, it should have about a quarter of an inch of play.