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the craftsman 42in, 21 hp mower is going to take 48oz

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โˆ™ 2012-07-30 20:29:49
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Q: How much oil in a craftsman 21 hp tractor 42 in cut?
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How much oil does a 18.5 hp craftsman lawm tractor hold?

12 quarts

How much engine oil in a 19.5 craftsman 42 inch lawn tractor?

I have a Craftsman 19.5 hp lawn tractor that was new in 2000. There is a sticker under the hood on the right side that says it takes 48 ounces of oil, the owner's manual says 3 pints.

How much oil goes into craftsman lt 2000 tractor for an oil change?

One 48 ounce bottle in my 2004 LT 2000 with 18 HP.

How do you Change oil on craftsman lawn tractor?

drain the old oil, replace the oil filer and put in some new oil. need to know where oil filler is

How much oil in a craftsman key start mower?

20-22 ich cut...... 20 fl oz max

What does a Deutsch D366 filter fit?

I presently have a Deustch Oil Filter D366 on my (Sears) Craftsman Lawn Tractor.

Oil capacity for craftsman 15.5 HP tractor?

The owners manual states 3 pints (1.5 quarts).

How much oil does a bolens lawn tractor hold?

how much oil do i use when changing my oil in my bolen tractor 5.0 hp

What kind of oil does a 26hp kohler motor on a craftsman garden tractor use?

The oil to use for the 26hp Kohler motor on a Craftsman garden tractor will depend on the temperature outside. Use a 10-30 blend in the summer and a 5-30 blend in the winter months. The brand of oil does not matter as long as it is not a synthetic blend.

How do you drain the oil from a craftsman lawn tractor?

The engine has a drain plug located on the engine block. Look closely and you will find it.

What kind of transmission oil for craftsman garden tractor?

Agear drive will use 90 wt whereas a hydro will use 10W30.

How much oil in a craftsman yt 3000?

48 oz.

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