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42 US gallons in each barrel of oil.

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How much is a barrel of oil going for these days?

Today (July 3, 2008) I believe it went up to $146 a barrel.

How many barrel of oil in Bakken reserve?

Up to 4.3 billion barrels of oil

What is happening with the Bp oil spill?

Bp is getting charged about 1,000 dollars a barrel of oil. They pluged up the oil though

How many gallons are in a barrel of oil?

There are 42 gallons (1 U.S. gallon = 3.78 liters) in a barrel (i.e., 1 barrel of oil = 159 liters). When converting to oil to Metric Tonnes (MT), there is around 7.3 BBL per MT, and 304 Gallons per MT. Originally there were 40 gallons to a barrel. However, that was changed in the mid-19th century to give a little extra so consumers wouldn't feel "cheated." According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 1 "BBL" of crude oil makes about 17 gallons of gasoline, 12 gallons of gasoil, 7 gallons of jet fuel or kerosene, while lubricants, light naphtha and asphalt makes up the rest. This ratio depends on the crude type and varies a lot. The easy way to remember the number of gallons in a barrel of oil: There are 7 letters in gallons and 6 letters in barrel. 7X6=42 gallons. 42 US gallons. ALL OIL PRODUCTS ARE +/- 5 PERCENT, ALSO THE BARREL!!

What is petro dollar market?

The Petro dollar market is the relationship between the cost of a good or service in relation to the barrel of oil. Products or services will go up or down in relation to the barrel of oil prices.

How many liters are in a barrel of kerosene?

In liters, gasoline makes up about 73 liters of the final 170, diesel and heating oil make up about 40 liters, while kerosene-type jet fuels make up about 15.5 liters.

What type of substances makes up crude oil?

A mixture of hydrocarbons make up crude oil

How many gallons of gasoline out if 1 barrel of crude oil?

A little over 23 gallons of gasoline can be refined from a barrel of oil. Other products (jet fuel, lubricants, etc.) make up the rest.

How many gallons of gasoline are there in a barrel of gasoline?

"Barrel" is not a well defined unit. The standard "oil barrel" used in the US and Canada is defined as 42 US gallons. However, this really refers specifically to crude oil. Other definitions of "barrel" range from around 26 US gallons up to 55 US gallons.

How many gallons of gas do you get from one barrell of oil?

About 19.6 gallons of gasoline from each barrel of crude oil. According to API: 'Better refining technologies have made it possible to produce over 21 gallons of gasoline from a 42-gallon barrel of crude oil ' also look at the National Petroleum Refiners Association I wish i had my old thinkpad up and running, i know I have a really good graph of all the products that are taken from a '55' gal barrel of oil.. with additaves, it adds up to quite a bit more than the 'barrel' itself..

What makes up about 95 percent of Nigeria's exports?

Oil does....

What materials soak up oil from water best?

Oil petty much soaks up oil the best

What type oil for a 350 engine with 4 barrel really souped up?

SAE 10w30 full synthetic.

Gun barrel rifling?

RIFLED firearms are those that have a method of making the bullet spin when fired. This makes for a much more accurate projectile. The oldest and most common means of doing this is buty cutting spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel. These grooves grip the bullet, causing it to spin as it passes up the barrel. The grooves are known as rifling.

How do you oil a amt 380 cal 9mm kurz back up while it is together?

Pull back the slide and lock it, oil the rails, lightly oil the barrel, return rod, and return spring.

A 40 Kilogram barrel is rolled up a 10 meter long ramp to a height of 5 meters how much does the barrel weight?

Assuming you're on Earth, the barrel weighs 392 N.

What is the potential problem with too much oil in crankcase?

Too much oil in the crankcase will cause the oil to slosh up into the firing chamber and foul up the spark plugs.

Why are gas prices rising when oil is falling?

There is no logical answer to this question. Gas at my local Arco was $1.55 when oil was $45 a barrel. Now oil is $36.00 a barrel and gas has risen to $1.99. This is a clear case of price fixing and manipulation. The oil companies are hoping we are so happy with sub $4.00 gas that we wont notice the sneaky ratching up the the price when it should be falling. Based on my calculations gas should now be $1.24 a gallon or 34.45% of the price of a barrel of oil.

A 40 kilogram barrel is rolled up a 10 meter long ramp to a height of 5 meters how much does the barrel weigh?

15 kg

How many gallons of diesel is refined from a barrel of crude?

There is 42 gallons of oil per barrel, of that depending on the types of crude. You get anywhere from 7-21 gallons +/- depending on refineries production set up

How do you fil the lantern up with oil on poptropica?

go to the place with the boiler. by the stairs there will be a barrel that says kerosene. click on it and your lantern has fuel.

How much money was spent on clean up in the gulf oil spill?

$14,000,000,000 was spent to clean up the oil

How much oil do soybeans make?

Soybeans yield up to 20% of its weight in oil.

How much does a pipe welder makes on a oil rig?

anything from £25 an hour to £100 an hour depending on contract. union jobs can earn up to £1000 a day

How powerful can you make a drozd blackbird BB gun?

The drozd is rated at 541 FPS. there is not much that you can do to improve it because it's a BB gun and the Co2 will only push the BB so fast. With a pellet gun you can select a lighter pellet to make it faster or a heaver pellet to make it hit harder. BB's all weigh about the same so you don't have much choice. However you can put your BB's in a can and drop a few drops of Crosman pellgun oil in with them and roll them around in the oil to coat the BB's with oil. Also put a few drops of oil down the barrel this will make the BB's fire faster down the barrel. DO NOT SOAK the BB's it will gum up the gun with too much oil

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