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How much orange juice can you get from 1 orange?


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According to the Florida Citrus growers there is about 2 ounces of juice in one medium orange. It would take three to four oranges to make one eight ounce glass of juice/


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If you are talking about an orange as in the fruit, about 25 cents for 1 orange. If you are talking about orange juice, about $3.00 for 1 jug of orange juice.

If you think about it, the juice and pulp from 1 orange would pretty much be 1 orange. Sort of asking how much wood would replace a tree.

There is no such thing as too much orange juice

How much protein does orange juice have?

About 2 ounces of juice is in an orange.

Tropicana 100 percent 1 L juice orange contains 16 oranges

It depends on what type of orange juice it is. But, i do know that orange juice has alot of acids in it.

When making an orange juice and vodka cocktail, try using 1 part (2 oz or 5 cl) of vodka & 2 parts (4 oz or 10 cl) of orange juice.

Orange juice contains 88% water.

Apple Juice has much more acid than Orange.

All the parts that no an orange.

A medium orange, one that fits comfortably in your hand, will contain about 1/4th cup of juice without pulp. If you blanch the orange, meaning drop in into boiling water for a second or two, it will yield more; sometimes as much as 1/2 cup.

. No, orange juice is actually yellow. Orange juice is called orange juice because it is the juice of the orange. The orange is orange, however the juice is not.

how much vitamin c is in an orange compared to concentrated orange juice withou added vitamin c

The active ingredients in orange juice include vitamin C and Ascorbic acid. However, how much is in the orange juice depends on the brand of the juice.

Orange Juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Not usually, however it is possible. 1 T. of orange peel = 1/2 - 3/4 C. orange juice (not concentrated)

Orange juice has about 120-150 calories per cup.

one cup of orange juice weighs 1/2 a pound

You can squeeze about 2 ounces of juice from one medium sized, ripe orange.

How mutch vitamin c does fresh orange juice have

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