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How much percnt of the cost of a wedding does the wedding planner charge?


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A wedding planner usually charges 10% of the total cost of the wedding.

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it depends on the planner

The cost of a wedding planner may vary by location.Normally you can expect to pay about 10 percent of your total budget for your planner.

Usually 10-15% of the wedding cost.

There are various ways they charge, I know some charge a fixed cost based on what is required to do and some do charge a % on the spendings on the wedding. This % again would vary , so I suggest you touch base with some planners who should give you the correct info.

A wedding planner wears many hats as they plan a wedding! They oftentimes serve as the main coordinator between all of the vendors and parties involved with a wedding. They provide insight on decisions regarding cost, decorations, food, etc. They can be a lifesaver!

It is difficult to know what the wedding planner should cost because some people have elaborate weddings while other people have smaller weddings. Phone around to wedding planners and get some prices and let them know your budget (save the footwork) and then chose one and make an appointment. Remember, the more you want from your wedding planner the more expensive it will be. You have the option of working on your own wedding even though you have a wedding planner, such as some of the decorating at the reception hall, but it is far easier to work directly with the wedding planner. Small weddings with simple decorations can be beautiful. If you want to save money do not order Tropical flowers if you have to have them shipped in and ask your wedding planner for less expensive flowers. Flowers of any sort are always beautiful if presented well.

Party planner takes his fees in the form of percentage. Planners using this method generally charge anywhere from 15 - 20% of the total budget for their services. This method is primarily used when a planner is orchestrating an elaborate, large wedding and reception and typically when the event has a cost of more than $30,000.

Your wedding planner is suppose to meet reasonable needs. If they have a reason for disagreeing there generally is a good reason so it would be best to listen to them. They are paid to help and also stay within your budget. If you have your heart set on something in the wedding that is too costly the wedding planner will generally come up with something very similar, but at a lower cost.

Getting married can be a little overwhelming at times, especially planning a wedding, which is why many choose to enlist the help of a wedding planner. That way, they can focus on more important things, like which guests to invite and finding the perfect wedding dress. However, if you have a wedding planner, don’t just assume that they’ll also be doing the wedding seating chart. Often, whether or not this will be included in their duties will depend upon the type of wedding package you’ve purchased from them. Don’t simply assume it’s their job without checking with them first, otherwise, you could be running around frantically days before the wedding trying to figure out who should go where.When it comes to the perfect wedding seating chart, the team from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs has a host of unique solutions available. In addition to their seating charts, they also specialize in everything from custom displays to floor decals, so contact them online or call 1 (647) 242-7377.

Wedding planners have a number of responsibilities. They are in charge of things of such as hiring a photographer, managing the budget, hiring musicians, ordering flowers, reserving venues, and organizing the wedding on the whole. How much a wedding planner costs is dependent on a lot of variables; but you should probably expect to spend about 10% of your total wedding budget.

There is far difference between traditional religious wedding and civil wedding cost. As a wedding planner I can say that former doesn't need any type of party rental but in religious wedding we go for grand party and function. So the cost ratio is like 2:8

Is this a courthouse wedding? If so, ask the judge in charge.

A great Party planner will cost 15% of the total cost of the Party. says it can be a flat fee or a percentage of the total wedding cost. If a percentage it would be usually around 15% as a national average. Source:

Depending on your location, and skill level. You could charge $200-$450, because that's the typical price. The singer at my sisters wedding cost $300, my wedding gift to her. But while I was looking there were some singers that charge around $800.

There is no normal cost to rent a church for a wedding. Some churches will charge you while others will let you use their facilities for free if you are an established member of their congregation.

Cost Items is a functionality that is only available in P2ware Planner Professional or Developer. It is not available in Planner Standard. For more visit P2ware website.

The production fee for a wedding planner can either be a fixed amount, or a percentage of the total event cost - which is dependant on the level of production. Generally, however, on-site production is roughly $1000 per day, with high-class complicated events reaching many multiples of this figure.

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life and choosing a Wedding planner to support you on that special day is just as important. As many try and fit the perfect wedding into their busy lives the number of prospective brides turning to wedding planning services is increasing. Selecting a wedding planner is almost as important as selecting the dress. The right planner will know what you need before you do to make the day perfect and the preparations as stress-free as possible. The great thing about wedding planners is that they often have already recognized contacts so you won't have to waste hours looking for the perfect DJ, cake, caterer etc. Do you need a Wedding Planners in Delhi? Here a general explanation of the different kinds of planners, the services they offer, and what to look for in hiring them!Things that need to be regarded in finding a wedding planner include looking at previous performance. Reviews of wedding planner services can offer insight into how well a company or organizer works and a good company will have no problems putting you in touch with as many past clients as essential. Consider any recent weddings you have attended and really enjoyed, ask the happy couple if they employed a wedding planner and what their opinion of the provided service was. Often these people know you as a friend and will know well if their wedding planner will perform for you as effectively.Finding the right planner is finding someone who understands your desires for the wedding as well as being able to stick to your constraints. A wedding planner who consistently goes over budget may throw a wonderful party but if you can't allow them to stretch your budget then they may not be for you. A wedding planner is intended to help you realize your dream wedding and but if you do not have strong ideas about what you would like they also need to be there to offer suggestions and ideas. This day is very important for you and if they do not understand that then they may not give it the priority it deserves. If you do not trust them to make decisions then it is important that you speak up about it or your wedding may not be the day you want it to be.Some venues will offer services with their location, however often these are usually on the day only and a list of preferred vendors. By choosing an event company that can take care of all these details you eliminate the stress the management of such events can cause.Making sure the planners are available for your wedding date and what they will and will not perform for their fee is important to avoid having gaps that have not been accounted for. Questions such as if they have a backup planner in case of emergency can assure you that they are a good choice for you.Though choosing to add a planner into your budget may add to the cost but it can also be priceless in terms of peace of mind. The wedding planner is a guarantee you will get hitched without a hitch!

Actually, a wedding planner is not required to go to college. It would look better to have some sort of experience in planning on your resume and many community colleges offer low cost classes to teach the basic skills required in wedding planning.

AnswerAs a hotel professional, I've worked with scores of wedding planners over the years. Here's the straight scoop: A wedding planner can save you time if you are planning a very expensive, very big, very elaborate wedding. If you are planning a 'high society' wedding and you want to make sure you do everything 'right,' a wedding planner is useful.Most people who use a wedding planner end up spending more than they would have without one. First, they have to pay the planner. Second, the planner may accept or demand kickbacks from caterers, hotels, florists, etc who will charge you higher prices to cover it. But third and most important, the wedding planner will come up with 147 new things you just 'must' have from an attendant and hand-milled french soap in the ladies room to a gift of jewelry for the flower girl. If you protest any of this, the wedding planner will imply you are a cheapskate, and your wedding is only fit for chimpanzes.Instead, sit down with your fiance and decide what kind of wedding is really important to you. Set a reasonable budget, and put the money you would have spent on a larger wedding toward a down payment. A wedding is one day. A marriage, and real estate, are enduring.Add on to above statement:The statement above is biased and only one persons oppinion. They are a hotel proffessional, not a consultant and have no idea how someone elses job works. If you are using a Bridal consultant that is worth a damn, you can save money. Granted there probably are some out there that would try to hardsell you but there are the same amount of priests that would make you feel guilty for not donating during church.Vendors don't charge the couple extra because they are reffered a steady line of business by the consultant. Most consultants also keep their own stock of items like favors that can be purchased below retail price and some props that can be rented out cheaper than if you were to buy them.Different consultants charge different ways, some ask for a percentage of final bill, others give an hourly rate, others will only charge the overhead they make from wholesalers. If they don't come right out and tell you how they charge, ask them. You will be signing a "contract", whether its just a written letter w/ information about what services you discussed would be provided by them or if its a detailed contract explaining the whole wedding, if you chose them.You are never forced into anything and should always have everything on paper anyway as far as expenses go. If they do not provide you with an itemized break down of the expenses, ask them for one. All one has to do is look at the list to determine if they are fair.Weddings do cost more than most people think but it is usually the couple getting married or their family that drives costs higher during a consultation because they want things to be a certain way. The more guests and flowers added; the more the wedding will cost.

AnswerHi I am a wedding planner, it is lots of fun, you do deal with some hard to please people but on the most part it is easy. You need to establish yourself with photagrahers and halls and all the emenities you need for a wedding. They will give you deals for your customers because you agree to use them. They will also give you a cut. Start searching the web for planners in your area for there cost and make a website of your own and cards. Hand them out to wedding shops and start networking. Hope this helps

There wedding cost 600,000.

Wedding caterers charge based on the work load, the number of guests and what types of food you want served. will let you select different types of calculators, wedding caterers being one of them.

Katie's wedding cost 600,000

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