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AnswerNo one knows and who claims to know something doesn't make any sense.I just bought pure phosphoric acid and if I mix it with tea or water, it takes about 1.8-2.5g per liter to produce the same level of acidic taste. The cheap generic cola I have here (that tastes almost exactly alike) also contains citric acid, so the actual amount could be lower. It is however not in the mg range as often claimed. If I also add some lemon juice, judging from the taste it is probably 1.5g per liter.
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Is phosphorus and phosphoric acid the same IN my report it talked about phosphoric acid in coke I looked at the ingredients in coke and it said phosphorud?

is phosphorous and phosphoric acid the same in coke?

What is the name of the acid in coke?

Phosphoric acid and carbonic acid.

Which chemical use in coke?

Phosphoric acid is used in Coke.

What acid is there in coke that helps clean a penny?

This is the phosphoric acid.

Which out of Coke Diet Coke and Coke Zero has the most phosphoric acid in it?

hubuly bubuly

Is there so much phosphorus in Coke that it would cause osteoporosis?

It's not phosphorus that is in Coke. It's phosphoric acid. Deb

What are the acids in coke?

The acid used in Coca-Cola is phosphoric acid.

What is the acid name for coke?

Coke in and of itself is not an acid but a mixture of a variety of substance, some of which are acids. Coke contains carbonic acid and some phosphoric acid.

What is in the coke that cleans the coin?

It becomes clean because of the phosphoric acid in the coke.

Does Diet Coke contain phosphoric acid?


Which ingredient in Coke is most corrosive?

phosphoric acid

What commercial product contains Phosphoric Acid?


What in coke makes things dissolve?

Phosphoric acid, carbonic acid, and citric acid.

Why is phosphoric acid used in coke?

Phosphoric acid is generally used in sodas to give it a tangy flavor and to act as a preservative.

Does coke have acid in it?

Coke does have acids, but edible acids, such as citric acid and phosphoric acid. But the amounts in the drink does not make it harmful to drink.

How much phosphoric acid is in a can of Coke zero?

According to a recent experiment I performed, the concentratiion of phosphoric acid in Coke Zero is 2.338 x 10^-3 moles/L. A can is 240 mL => 1 can contains about 0.0550 grams H3PO4

Why can coke dissolve mints?

Because it contains phosphoric acid.

Is there phosphorus in Diet Coke?

There is no elemental phosphorus, but there is phosphoric acid in it.

What makes coke dissolve chicken bones?

phosphoric acid

What ingredient coke makes things dissolve?

Phosphoric acid

What are the variables for cleaning pennies with pop?

Usually pennies are cleaned by coke. One of the ingredients in Coke is phosphoric acid, a medium strength acid that is used in the production of agricultural fertilizers. It's the phosphoric acid that enables Coke to get stuff off dirty pennies.

How does coke and coco cola get acid?

They contain phosphoric acid. They have a pH of around 2.4

What happens if you put a dirty coin into coke cola?

It cleans it because of the phosphoric acid in the coke

What acid is in coke?

did you know that phosphoric acid is in coke and it can dissolve a tooth.once a man left a tooth in a can of coke and in ten days it dissolved.if you could drink about 4 litres of coke within an hour you could DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!phosphoric acids is normally in rust remover

What does coke have more than sprite?

Phosphoric acid; sprite has none of that in it